The Yellow Wallpaper Redux

Surely you remember the famous Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story The Yellow Wallpaper? Well…

A while ago, I used bookcases to create a divider in my studio apartment to make it feel more like a living room and a bedroom rather than one great room. Since the backs of the bookcases were plain and boring, I covered them in aminal print paper. They came out pretty cool.

Lately I’ve noticed that the paper is getting scratched and shredded. Is something trying to get out from behind there? Is someone trying to help? Could there be a psycho creature clawing at the paper in fits of madness? Possibly it’s only my wild imaginings.



6 responses to “The Yellow Wallpaper Redux

  1. Cat

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  2. Ask Gatsby if he’s noticed anything going on. But be careful not to imply anything, lest he get angry.

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  3. Wild imaginings. Hehe

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  4. The thing is, Gatsby already knows what it is, obviously, for that is why he has been scratching at the bookcase backing, and keeping it at bay.

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  5. According to the celebrity psychic who (successfully so far as I can tell) invited various entities to leave our house, a strong one was particularly attached to the wallpaper on this one wall. We removed the wallpaper in a couple rooms, and it was by far the hardest to remove from that wall. So of course I’m thinking that when you papered the backs of the bookshelves, some entity that had attached itself to you after residing in the spirit of a particularly scratch-happy cat you met at the vet or at the park just happened to go sniffing around and get itself trapped and has been trying to get out. I’m not sure what you can do about it because without the expert assistance of a celebrity psychic, it will just come out all mad at you. Fortunately you’re not prone to headaches … oh. Aha. Well.

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  6. I read the story–wonderful.

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