IDOJ, Part 2

As mentioned, I bought all the I Dream of Jeannie episodes and have been watching them in order. I had fond misty memories of this show… beautiful, goofy girl falls for handsome, serious astronaut… wacky things happen for years until he falls in love with her too and they get married… more wackiness occurs thereafter.

It is like that. But there’s more. I’m at the end of S2 now, fyi. I can’t go any faster because annoying.

First, there’s Jeannie’s obsession with marrying Tony. I mean, she’s fucking magic ~ she could do anything, be anything, have anything, anytime. But the only thing she cares about is getting that ring on her finger. I realize the show was written in the 1960s, but the obsession is tedious. Why does she need marriage so badly? Ostensibly because she loves Tony, but so what? Maybe she’s just horny 24/7 and they couldn’t write that in the 1960s, so this was the next best thing. Ugh.

Second, it’s now making me uncomfortable to watch Jeannie constantly throwing herself at Tony physically, while he rejects her outright or stands like a statue. I’m starting to wonder about their chemistry after all. He’s so irritating and paranoid. I understand there can’t be any implication that T&J have premarital sex, but Tony’s non-reaction to Jeannie’s affection grates on my nerves. And all the while there’s good old Roger totally wanting her.

Third, (again) the show isn’t that funny. It relies a lot on physical humor ~ Tony falling on his ass when Jeannie does startling blinky thingie, forex ~ and a lot less on wordplay. I’m not sure why I ever thought this show was witty. (The ep with Paul Lynde as an IRS agent is the funniest so far.) 😦

Fourth, there are so many bloopers it’s ridiculous. In one ep Jeannie gets hired as General Peterson’s secretary and Tony freaks out because Dr. Bellows has seen Jeannie at his house (and Bellows predictably begins an investigation that blows up in his face), but in later eps Tony doesn’t care at all how many times someone has seen Jeannie previously. Roger is always going on dates and cuddling up with beautiful women, but then outta the blue it’s a thing that he never has anyone. In one ep, Haji tells Jeannie she isn’t allowed to marry Tony unless she reveals that their kids might be genies. This is stupid on two counts: one, only powerful genies can turn people into genies (FACT!); and two, when T&J finally marry in a later ep, this is totally forgotten. There are tons of other inconsistencies…



15 responses to “IDOJ, Part 2

  1. Frankly, I think Barbara Eden gave all the real genies a bad name.

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  2. I accidentally watched a random episode a while back and was shocked at bad it was. Blink it away.

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  3. Same with me and Bewitched! Darren was so annoying and Sam could have zapped his butt away. It’s that whole 60’s mindset with the women. Petticoat Junction, too. Lol

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  4. All those sitcoms from that era have the same formula with annoying male, smart/powerful but subservient female, yadda. Then when my kids were growing up, it became the same formula with annoying but sensitive male, smart/powerful and smart-assed female and smart-mouthed kids. I haven’t watched any sitcoms lately, other than a few eps of the nerd one with the annoying male physicists and the pretends-to-be-stupid blonde neighbor who usually gets their annoying asses out of trouble.

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  5. Stan ~ LOL! But she’s so pretty… (watching more now)
    c2tmw ~ must finish watching because OCD
    agedhipster ~ Bewitched never grabbed me, but I loved PJ!
    gekko ~ yeah, good point. I don’t watch any current stuff either.


  6. The current stuff is mostly blah, except HBO/Showtime and the Goldbergs. OMG, that cracks me up. Jewish family, 80’s send-up. I like New Girl, too, but it is very off-beat.

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  7. Blondie and Dagwood, Fred and Wilma–the list goes on. Even June Cleaver was allowed to annoy Ward by showing up in his study on occasion, and more often than not the scene closed with her looking at the newspaper after he left. Ward of course wasn’t allowed to be a bumbling idiot, but the stage was set.

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  8. I’ve started the DVD’s of Mad Men. I’d forgotten how things were back then. Good reminder. Though I must say that I almost stopped after the first couple episodes because it was so insultingly stereotypical toward men.


  9. You must never, ever go back and watch the things you used to love, especially romantic things from when you were young. This always happens. It’s just like how I watched Sixteen Candles when it came on TV and realized that my dreamboat Jake Ryan is a creepy date rapist. My entire worldview had to change. But I learned my lesson, and I’m leaving Gilbert Blythe in the past where he belongs.

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  10. As a corollary to this, no movie that scared the crap out of you in the 70’s or 80’s is scary anymore. Not one.

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  11. What’s with that weird headscarf that mostly covers her neck? Was she a djinn under that obscure Muslim sect that enjoins middle-aged women to modestly cover everything her sultan thinks needs plastic surgery?

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