The Inescapable Sadness of Spring

I’ve always been a fall girl. Because Halloween.  And pumpkins. And the crisp, apple-fresh start of a new school year. Yes, I’m one of those weirdos who liked school best of all environments. It’s where I shone brightest.

Spring brings sadness. After the end-of-winter conflicting emotions surrounding Valentine’s Day and my ex-anniversary, comes my father’s death day, his birthday, my mother’s death day (today), my birthday, Mother’s Day, and finally my mother’s birthday June 3rd.  At least there’s a happy day following on June 8th ~ Gatsby’s birthday.

I didn’t used to think of my birthday as a sad event, but I do now. A bunch of relationship issues happened then, plus I’m old. Yeah, yeah, but I feel old. I think I must have arthritis now.

However, there is this…



10 responses to “The Inescapable Sadness of Spring

  1. That’s a list of heavy memory-bringing occasions…but I suppose as time passes, every season inevitably starts to have more sobering days. So sooner or later, autumn will probably be ruined for you too. Aren’t you glad I stopped in to give you that perspective?

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  2. Aww. That all sounds sad. Bad associations!

    I like Spring best because it’s warm enough to drive with the top down, but not hot. The citrus blooms and smells nice. The air is moist and cool. There is lots to do around here before the weather turns too hot. Fall doesn’t really happen here until November, then it’s nice for a few, but then really cold and dreary.

    I’m with you about birthdays. Mine us in the summer, so friends were always away on vacations. They’d have parties and sleepovers for one another during the school year, but were give during mine. The spousal unit turned my birthday until a big drama because he would stress out trying to make it perfect, which or couldn’t be, and would end up bitching at me. I didn’t a lot of birthdays in tears.

    They’re better now, of course, even tho I’m getting old. It’s nice to have a birthday where the ones who love me are gracious and loving.

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  3. I’m sorry that spring is sad for you, but I get why it is.It will be over before you know it!

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  4. So sorry for all the sad connections. My first college love broke up with me on my birthday. Very strange. He took me to a club in the French Quarter to see my favorite jazz trio, then broke up with me. Why did he bother?


  5. Totally get this. Youth hasn’t had time to accumulate this list. I’m glad they congregate into a single season for you. How wonderfully convenient! Mine are all over the calendar, but more concentrated in Spring. Plus, I get that birthday part, too.

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  6. Forgot to say that there is a happy event ~ Sharon’s birthday ~ between Vday and the ex-anniversary. But then all the other stuff piles up for two months starting in April.


  7. I’m so sorry you have to deal with all these sad associations. I’ll be sending hugs your way through your Mom’s birthday. (And yours, the 28th right? I know it’s somewhere around there, because Taurus.)

    For most of my life I lived places where Spring really wasn’t a distinguishable thing at all, so it was just a nonevent for me. Nowadays I get surrounded by cherry trees and lots of other blooming things and as cheesy as it sounds it does give my heart a little lift after the darkness of winter.

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