How to Suffer Beautifully

Perfect review of the new Cinderella here in the NY Post.

Ella is an orphaned woman who fully expects she is losing her chance to marry the man she loves because of her wicked stepmother. Yet instead of cursing or sulking or weeping, she sings the song her mother sang to her as she fell asleep, all those years ago.

Cinderella never bitches or blames, but continues to be kind, especially to animals. This is not “anti-feminist” as Vox asserts, but in fact Cinderella uses the lessons her mother taught her to find her own inner strengths. She would have been fine with or without the Prince.

7 responses to “How to Suffer Beautifully

  1. The strangest thing… I keep spelling it “Cinderalla” and have to edit. I wonder why? Trying to figure out if there’s a word I type frequently with the “dera” combo of letters. Hmm. My fingers naturally go that way every time. WEIRD.


  2. So…thumbs up, or down? Sideways?

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  3. Cinderalla. Yeah, you’re right. era seems easier than ere? Weird.

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  4. The costumes are DIVINE! Cinderella’s ball gown is the most beautiful dress ever. The entire ball is a splendid visual experience with all the amazing princesses. The stepmonster has some gorgeous get-ups as well. The stepsisters wear weird, garish stuff, but it’s all still interesting to look at.


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