Ghostiversary (27)


Until recently
We had a truce
A little loose
At times uneasy
A tenuous connection
Reliable nonetheless
Mutual need
I helped you
You helped me
Simple truths
The days of lies and roses
Were long gone over

But then you cracked
Your world went black
I never knew
I didn’t see
How lost you’d been
How far from me
Too late I reached
You pulled back
The bonds of love
Frayed and slack
Connection cut
Gold fades to dust
Whispers drifting on the breeze

As night descends
Goodbye my friend

4 responses to “Ghostiversary (27)

  1. Sad. I hope not autobiographical.

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  2. Heartbreaking but true to the feelings.

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  3. Some things I write are realer than others.


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