On Sex and Poetry

Here’s a weird thing that I may have discussed before, but I don’t recall because Alzheimers, so we will go through it again.

Me and my two commenters, that is. (Rude.)

When I began writing a suspense novel, no one asked me if I’d ever committed a murder or had one attempted on me. No one asked if there had been any murder incidences among close friends or family members. People assumed the story was fictional, which of course it was. (BWAHAHAHA fools.)

But when I write a romance/erotica story I invariably get someone going uh duh is that YOU? Are you writing from experience heh heh heh? Gah, so annoying. At least when I wrote the crazy dragon thing no one asked that. But why not? I don’t understand why no one asked if I’d had sex with a dragon or at least an alligator. Weirddd.

But I write a threesome and it’s all BAM… did you do that??? Like I have enough imagination to write about a freaking dragon but not two chicks getting it on with some dude. Nope nope. I must have been one of them.

And poetry… geez, give me a break. Poems can be totally fictional, hello! Mine mostly are, though I do sometimes eat avocados.

Mmm avocado…

It’s all lies and guacamole around here, my peeps. Trust me, I’m a liar.


15 responses to “On Sex and Poetry

  1. Wait—you haven’t killed anyone or had sex with an avocado? I’m really disappointed.

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  2. I guess I still read like a child: I just think it’s the CHARACTER’S experience, whatever it is. I don’t think about the author, sorry.

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  3. I have yet to eat an entire avocado.

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  4. I don’t read avocados, but I want you to explain your entire sex life to all Commenters. Now!
    BTW, this is Connie (c=Califormia; 2=to;t=the;mw=MidWest)

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  5. I’ve done everything in my books IRL.

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  6. I’m waiting for you to admit to killing an avocado and eating a dragon. Go on, fess up!

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  7. The closest I’ve ever come to a threesome is using both hands…

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  8. Wait. Who asks if you’ve done a thing just cause you write about it? That’s hella rude. I sort of get why they’d ask about a thing you might actually have done (threesome) and not bother on one you probably didn’t (murder) but it’s still invasive and none of their damn business.

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    • Usually dating prospects, so it could possibly be their biz, but even so… hella annoying. This brings up one of the continual dilemmas I haz: (1) Be totes honest and open right off the bat about my past and writing and social media stuffs, thus running the risk of facing the Spanish Inquisition from then on about every damn thing until I run away screaming ~ or he does? (2) Be vague and general until trust is established, which might be never, thus running the risk of looking like a liar, or even more likely boring myself to death with dull banal convos?

      (3) Stop trying to have any more romantic relationships.


      • It’s not really a dilemma if the right answer is not among the choices you’ve given yourself.

        I don’t get why you would bother with (1). I sure as hell wouldn’t. There’s no point, and there is risk, as you say.

        I don’t get where the concerns come from in (2). Just be yourself and if blogging comes up in convo, so there’s a thing you do. But no man cares what you blog about. Your relationship-whatever isn’t about that. If he asks for the address, either give it to him because you KNOW he knows how not to misjudge you by it (a rare ability), or just say you will and forget, or say it’s a private thing; and if he asks a second time, you now know you’re entering Stalkerville and can respond accordingly.

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