This is what we do
When the sky turns velvet blue
And the shadows get long
Enough to lose a life in:
We creep inside
And lock everything tight.
Now is not the time
For bare legs and indiscretion,
Sugared drinks and confessions;
Now is the time for closed robes
And zipped lips.
No one can understand us now
With a history book so thick,
Full of lists of sorrow unexplained.
It is time to bow out,
Retreat with silent grace,
Pull down the shades;
And that silhouette across the way
Will stay a minor character
In a fantasy screenplay.
As we turn up the heat
And dismantle expectations,
A soft consistent rain
Greets the close of day.


No one buys my scribbles on Amazon, so I figured I’d torture y’all with some of them. I go back and forth on punctuation ~ originally this pome didn’t have any, but then I saw the lines blur together in a big mush, losing meaning, so that wasn’t good. Silhouette was intended for a new book with a twilight theme (no, not fucking vampires, gah!), but I CBA with that. And no, I haven’t forgotten my promise to write moar avocado poetry. Soon, my peeps. Soon.


10 responses to “Silhouette

  1. Wow. I like it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. It speaks to me.


  3. I like this poem. It reminds me of the mood of Prufrock.


  4. Yes, you want the punctuation, I think.

    However I’m not sure we say “a history book so thick of lists”. Thick *with* lists I guess.


  5. Nice pome. I like it tons.

    My pomes are always shit. I’ve given them up, I think.


  6. Thank you all so much!


  7. I like this, too. Retreat. Sometimes retreat is the absolute best policy and not a cop-out or weakness. Regrouping. Your thoughts, your soul, your self. I like how you put it, Paula.

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