The Brass Bottle

Brass Bottle

It came to my attention around a month ago whilst poking around on Amazon that this movie, The Brass Bottle, existed and was the inspiration for I Dream of Jeannie. I had to buy it obviously.

If you don’t know, I absolutely adore IDOJ.




Anyway, TBB completely and utterly sucked. I mean, it was just so terribly bad, but not in a funny, cultish terribly bad way, just boringly, stupidly, terribly bad. Tony Randall was absolutely HORRIBLE as Harold the architect. He was dull and dweeby, not in any way bumblingly smart and kinda hot like Larry Hagman’s Major Nelson, but just an utter blah dork. He was funny in The Odd Couple, but not here.

The genie was Burl Ives, an old fat guy, not beautiful Barbara Eden. This changed the entire dynamic between master and genie to the point where it was just two unfunny men squabbling over shit and having misunderstandings.

Barbara played Harold’s fiancee Sylvia and though she was gorgeous, of course, she was also really boring.

Instead of the hysterical Dr. Bellows sniffing around and causing trouble for Harold and genie, it was Sylvia’s annoying father and a couple of unfunny cops.

We didn’t see cute Air Force hijinks, nor was there a goofy fun friend like Roger Healy, only a couple of stupid artists sharing a house with Harold.

The denouement was totes unsatisfying, consisting of real estate fraud, jail time, and a do-over in the “this was all a dream” sense. Blargh.

6 responses to “The Brass Bottle

  1. I thought you already knew about this. Tony was very funny in “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?”


  2. Oh dear. Good thing they didn’t keep the same formula for the show. Burl Ives, really?


  3. But it’s “an enchanting comedy classic” that gets 4 1/2 stars on Amazon! What’s wrong with you?

    Aside, genie stories can be great if they remain true to the original intent, i.e. make the genie a very ungenerous sort doomed to fulfill the letter but absolutely not the spirit of every wish. A story about such a djinn that encompasses modern Middle Eastern politics and violence and the international oil and banking industries is suddenly taking shape in my very forgetful mind …


  4. I see this TV show occasionally on antenna TV. It has held up well.


  5. I saw this a LONG time ago and hated it! I adored Tony Randall in Doris Day movies.


  6. Burl Ives as a genie is just… no.

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