I read Rosanne Cash’s wonderful memoir, Composed, given to me by a friend. Rosanne’s life is at once lonely and sad and joyful and creative… I relate to so much of it. Well, except for having the mega-star father, fortune, and fame, of course. Rosanne’s writing delighted me ~ she skips around in time, which some may object to, but I found charming.

I have abandoned my reliance on the external facts to support an individual truth, and everyone is entitled to his or her own. [pg. 3]


That was her unapologetic intro, and it was awesome. Don’t we all do this really? Our fundamental truths are subjective.

A lonely road is a bodyguard. [pg. 60]

Rosanne wrote that at age 12 (so amazing!) and kept returning to this theme in her writing and her life. She expresses her thoughts about creativity, music, family, love, parenting (both sides), brain surgery, and ultimately death in such an accessible style. I felt so close to her through her words that I ordered her book of short stories, along with a CD.

Loss is the great unifier, the terrible club to which we all eventually belong. [pg. 206]




4 responses to “Composed

  1. Totally under my radar. Thanks. I’m listening to “Movin’ On” right now. It is from the album “The List,” featuring songs from a list of 100 that her father gave her, saying, here are 100 songs every young musician should know. I don’t know what I expected–probably something like Nancy Sinatra, but she is a great singer, no matter who her father is. I love that the production on the cuts I listened to so far is very high quality with incredible musicians, but then I thought, ha, she probably has a few connections.
    Amazon does not seem to be putting up samples pages of her books . . .

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  2. Happy to see you read both fiction and non. I’m in so many book clubs now that I’m consistently in the middle of 2 or 3 books simultaneously while at the same time commenting on blogs and trying to start writing my own. If you look at my blogs current title you’ll see that I agree wholeheartedly with Roseanne Cash, and also with Roseanne Barr. You’ll also see the messy images I’ve downloaded. Any suggestions for how to clean them up? I’m so ashamed to post more till I can do that.


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