Fiona’s Fling

Continuing my theme of relentless self-promo, here’s an excerpt from Fiona’s Fling on the Lit Central O.C. website:

Cathy nodded as she took another piece of sushi. “Have more of this. Don’t make me look like a pig. So you figured to practice your mad lurve-making skills on this dude and get back up to speed . . . what’s his name anyway?”

“Mike.” Fiona swished a piece of sushi in the spicy sauce.

“Mike what?”

Laughing, Fiona said, “Well, I don’t know. He made this big joke of it, like he was a mobster. He did look Italian and could put on a great Tony Soprano type of voice.”

“But you don’t really think . . .” Cathy whispered and leaned across the table. “He is?” — read more here

I know some of you have already bought (and hopefully read) Fiona’s Fling cuz you are awesome, but there is still a chance for everyone to be awesome and buy Fiona’s Fling right now ~ and it’s on sale, yahoo!

2 responses to “Fiona’s Fling

  1. I enjoyed the book. I did! This both surprised me and failed to surprise me. The former because I’m not one for flat-out romances. I like romances that are set deep within a much larger novel (“Outlander” is one such), but romances for romances sake doesn’t call to me. The latter because, well, you’re the author. I’ve always enjoyed your breezy, musical “voice” and I was not disappointed in this.

    So those of you who have not purchased FF, go get it. For those who have, but haven’t read it, do read it! Even if romance isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy this delightful beach book.


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