I’m Famous!

Check out my interview on LitCentral O.C.

I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Author Spotlight of this fine publication. Tomorrow there will be an excerpt from Fiona’s Fling to tempt new readers into making a purchase. But you can do it now, if you haven’t already! Plus there’s super-hot promo happening as we speak ~ FF is on special for 99 cents. Soon that deal will go poof, so hurry. 🙂

Also, if you’re in the mood for a quickie, I’ve made Gracie’s Gamble FREE for a few days. This is also a limited time special offer.

I will be poasting in excruciating detail how these promos translate into actual sales (or um not). Right now there have been 63 downloads of the free GG, but no one has bought anything since June.

Yes, I’m still generally keeping the two ‘nyms separate, but I don’t have to here, on my blahg. Or in interviews. It’s just a Good Thing to stick to one name/one genre for branding (gak) purposes. Anna writes romance/erotica, while Paula writes serious fiction and poetry, but those lines are pretty blurry. Not really. I have it all on a list. LISTS FTW!

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10 responses to “I’m Famous!

  1. Yay! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The stuff you learn in these interviews. Like the thing about the cupcakes …


  2. I own Fiona’s Fling and I’m here to testify that it’s funny, which romance novels often are not, and which is a good thing. A sense of humor is a huge asset in any genre. 🙂


  3. Also, hey, I write at Panera too!


  4. I heard an interview today with a guy who writes and self-publishes and makes a living writing Amish Sci-fi. Genres inside of genres, and yay for self-publishing. And yay for you. When I get around to buying one of these new-fangled devices it will be because of you.


  5. “makes a living writing Amish Sci-fi.”

    There is yet hope for the future.


  6. Gracie is now on my Kindle. Ummmmm. So, the cover photo. Anyone we know?


  7. Tres cool! I am inspired, myself, by you. I hope you get a lot of recognition out of this.


  8. Teacake ~ Panera is a great place to write! And they even have cupcakes, sometimes. 🙂

    Chris & Don ~ right? I am still hopeful that I can make a little money from my writing.

    Agedhipster ~ LOL. I got a break on her modeling rate. 😉

    Roy ~ thanks! Hope to see more of your writing soon.


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