Your Narrative Voice

I’m not talking about writing, but about the narrator inside your head, directing your life.

What’s it saying?

It’s saying something. Listen…

Chat boxes

Is it telling you you’re a strong person who can accomplish your goals?

Is it telling you everyone’s out to get you?

Is it telling you you’re smart, funny, fat, stupid, helpful, bad-ass, invincible, a failure… ???

Here’s the thing. If you don’t like what that voice is saying, you can “change the conversation.” Gag, I know. But seriously, this is important. I didn’t realize until lately this was even a thing, and that I’ve changed my own narrative voice over the years. It was a hard, slow slog though, because I didn’t understand what was going on. Now that I do, it’s much easier to “hear” the voice and if it’s being unhelpful or negative, to switch the channel to something better. Eventually, the nasty, drag-you-down channel will be nothing but white noise, and you’ll listen to the good voice.

I could link to a bunch of articles, but you can find them yourself, if interested. I can’t pinpoint the exact time when this clicked for me, but I think it was within the year. One of the worst things my narrator used to tell me was that I couldn’t possibly be happy alone, and that if I felt happy without a partner, I was only deluding myself. I don’t know where this voice originated from ~ society, my mother, romance novels? But whatever, it was extremely bad for me. Now, I have obliterated it.

Another thing the voice used to say was that I wouldn’t appear successful and smart to other people if I didn’t have an advanced degree and a “professional” career. I’ve shut down that one, too.

This  has been your PSA for the week. 🙂


8 responses to “Your Narrative Voice

  1. This is what an anxiety disorder is: your inner voice is constantly shrieking, “SOMETHING AWFUL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN! EMERGENCY! FIRE! HORROR!” and you can’t change the conversation, or even turn down the volume, without drugs.


  2. I love your gag-worthy posts. 🙂


  3. I need to work on this!


  4. I really, really *like* what you’ve written.


  5. My inner voice is perpetually 22 years of age, but my body protests this.


  6. I think that sometimes I don’t like what my inner voice is telling me, but . . . it’s right.


  7. Where’s the like button on this thing? Shutting up one’s inner critic is the most important thing I think anyone should do.


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