Dum Da Dum Dum… CRUMBS!

I suppose I have to address this… again.

Over a year ago I poasted that the incipient demise of ONE cupcake chain did not mean cupcakes are dead.

Crumbs cupcakeries are all closing now. And there are eleventy billion articles like this one out there declaring that cupcakes are over, they’re dead, they were just a fad, etc. Because one chain has gone belly-up. Restaurants flop all the time; it’s very difficult to make a go of them. I would imagine the same for bakeries.

And here’s the unfortunate truth: Crumbs cupcakes weren’t that good. That’s right. I have proof. Some of you may remember my old blog where I made a cupcake table… well, guess what? I still have it.

Cupcake table

Ta-dah! Note that only one Crumbs item is over an 8 ~ and the worst of the bunch is from Crumbs. To be fair, this table hasn’t been updated in years, and you may recall my dislike of Casey’s Strawberry Bomb, but regardless. Point is, Sprinkles and Yummy Yummy are way better than Crumbs, and Sprinkles, for one, intends to avoid Crumbs’ fate.

Sprinkles has added food trucks, ice cream and cookies to entice customers. It’s also never opened more than five locations in a year, said Charles Nelson, co-founder of the Beverly Hills, California-based chain, which started in 2005.

“We’ve always tried to be very cautious,” he said in an interview. “We’re still very positive on the industry.” [via Bloomberg]

According to that article, Magnolia Bakery, on the Upper East Side of NY, is still doing fine. Here in Orange County, CA, there are plenty of cupcakeries. Not only that, but regular bakeries and restaurants and coffee shops often have cupcakes. Why? People love ’em, dur.

You know, frozen yogurt shops are a relatively new “fad” and those stores go out of business all the time. But you don’t see all these headlines screaming about it. So, maybe the gourmet cupcake stores will be shuttering one by one. Part of the problem is that grocery stores now all have cupcakes, and some of those are damn tasty. Obviously way cheaper, too. And you can, y’know, bake your own cupcakes. But the cupcake itself? The adorable nummy pretty treat you can eat sans plate and fork? Ain’t gonna die.

I have a weird feeling that the cupcake is hated by some people/journalists as a symbol of something. What, I’m not sure. The horrible, materialistic Sex and the City, which popularized Magnolia? Or maybe it’s the pink sprinkled cuteness, reminding people of adorable things like kittens and rainbows, when they want to posture as dark cynics. Health-conscious peeps will rightly say that cupcakes are Very Bad, but so are a million other things Americans nom on nightly. It’s weird to me that the prettiful little cupcake is so despised in certain circles. But their flailing is futile. Why? Because a new batch of babies comes along every year and kids will Always Love Cupcakes.


Any questions?

8 responses to “Dum Da Dum Dum… CRUMBS!

  1. I, even I, have run across this anti-cupcakery. I have a friend who is or was a professional cook, (should I say “chef?”), and when I mentioned that my son’s then-girlfriend worked at a cupcake place, she snorted, not even letting me finish my sentence before declaring, “It’s a fad!” And then she went on, further defaming and ridiculing the whole cupcake thing. Her reaction was frighteningly swift and deliberate. I thought, weird.
    The only thing I might say, and that would only be if I had an opinion about cupcakes, is that they are essentially anti-American: they are not BIG enough for our great nation. They do not represent, you know, four to five servings which one person will eat. I know you implied they are not good for you because, sugar, but they are too small to do any real damage.
    The cupcake will eventually be replaced by multi-tiered wedding-style cakes for all occasions.

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  2. Sacrilegious as it might be, I was not much a fan of cake, which included cupcakes. It’s … very sweet bread with icky sugary crap all over it! Ice cream and cookies, so much better!

    That said, the upsurge in popularity of gourmet cupcakeries, where they actually make a moist, non-bread-like substance of appropriate sweetness levels (not TOO much so) and top it with a flavorful glob of buttery smooth creaminess that has, again, the right amount of sweetness and which serves to either contrast or favorably complement the cake part … WORLD of difference!

    Now I love me a good cupcake. Still meh about cake itself, generally, but the smaller, approachable, well crafted and performance-oriented cupcake is no cake. It’s … a thing unto itself.

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  3. I like these things, these cakes of cup and so on, I like them fine and you people made me search and lo! http://www.cupcakecraving.com/

    But how can I go? I know nothing of this art. I will be like a blind man in a library, a gekko watching baseball. What do I look for? What do I ask? We are of two worlds, they and I.

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  4. Just when I thought Oak Ridge (the Secret City where I now reside) was catching up with the Unsecret Cities and Counties (like NY, LA, OC, BH, et al), I found out the other day that the local cupcakery that I have tried (using coupon from local freebie paper, of course) is closing! Guess location next to Bowling Alley behind Pizza Hut in center w/Goodwill and Pic N Save was not optimal for this sophisticated type of business? So…Fro Yo please hurry!!!


  5. Le Don. Swype “cupcakes” into your tricorder device and fret no more.


  6. You poasted? What is poasting?


  7. Stop this useless clinging to the cupcake. Welcome your new hand pie overlords.


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