Old-School Communication


7 responses to “Old-School Communication

  1. Only because it would be too ironic for this post to get no comments.
    I was going to say that once I started, I could not think of too many songs about communication, but it has to be, like, a third of all rock songs. Wichita Lineman, I Heard it Through the Grapevine? So, when is the song about getting dumped via text message going to hit the charts? Or has it? (It’s possible that I am out of touch with 21 C music.)


    • Thanks Roy! Oh, I love Wichita Lineman. Grapevine too. Maybe I will do another one. For sure I’ll look for WL on youtube ~ bet there’s a good vid. I really like vids that tell a little story, not simply show the singer’s face the whole time or the album cover. However if I love a song and can’t find a good vid, sometimes I will add a boring one to my faves.

      Confession ~ this poast was a message to someone. I deleted his contact info, but I know he reads my blog occasionally. 🙂


  2. Communication is the biggest key of all. Way too many people think they’ve got it down well enough, when in fact they are still proceeding on assumptions and usually-good guesses and are surprised when suddenly something blows up, so surprised that they think it’s time to cut their so-called losses rather than try some fearless communication.

    But it usually has to be taught and learned and I don’t know how the hell I did that, to the extent I can claim to at all. All I know is I’m shocked sometimes by how little people turn out to know about each other.


    • Agree completely. Love the term “fearless communication!” I’m like that now and hope to find a man someday who believes in it, too. You have to trust your partner enough to be yourself. Otherwise, what the hell is the point?

      People can be together a lifetime and not really understand each other. Sad.


  3. Oh and thanks for the earworms. Reaching for Pandora now ……


  4. Wichita Lineman…

    MUCH sexier than the hipsters working at the AT&T store. 😉


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