The Bead Goes On

When I was up in Berkeley last week visiting my daughters, we had the idea to go buy some beads and make cool necklaces and things. I love bead stores! I get so excited by all the possibilities. Of course I know nothing about making jewelry, even though I spent a lot of time around age 10 creating a bunch of junk. Some of it wasn’t too bad and I’d wear it, or my mother would. I threw all my stuff out ages ago, but my mom kept a few things. Sharon has a necklace and bracelet I made back in those days ~ she says she likes ’em.




After beading as a kid, I moved on to embroidery and knitting and needlepoint. Even had a run at candle-making and tee-shirt painting and cake-decorating. My impulse to create lives on through my daughters. Diane is a wonderful artist and Sharon is into cooking and making neat stuffs. Here’s the necklace she gave me last week…





It was a great visit and vacation. 🙂


8 responses to “The Bead Goes On

  1. Wow. Really nice.


  2. Pretty beady things! Happy that you had a great time. I loved the stuff you posted to FB from your visit. I loved the menu best of all. ❤


  3. You’re a Certified Hippy. Paperwork is in the mail.


  4. Those are so pretty! I’m crafty, too, since I think the 70’s were conducive to such things. Crafting kind of fell by the wayside during the 80’s and 90’s but it’s back in a big way. Yay!!!


  5. I spent a little time trying to come up with a good bead pun, but I got nothing. Glad you had a good visit!!

    Maybe you should sell some crafty things on Etsy.


  6. Bead puns are OK, as long as you don’t string too many of them together.


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