Odd Romances

Not me, sillies. I have two novels for you.

The first one is called The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins. This book was weird, and I really enjoyed it. Starting off, the heroine Honor is not in love with the hero Tom, but with some other doofus who doesn’t love her in return. She stays obsessed with the doofus for a good part of the book, even after she and Tom are sort of together. Tom doesn’t think Honor is the greatest thing either, but he needs her for his plan. Well! This is different. (Not the “oh drat we need to stay in each other’s lives” theme, which is a common one, but the fact that they aren’t overwhelmed with lust for each other.) This story is more like real life where people’s feelings are messy and conflicted, not binary as often portrayed in fiction. Also included in the jumble is Tom’s really annoying semi-stepson Charlie, whose behavior seems realistic for a kid whose mom died and real father skedaddled, not like the usual stereotypical kid flung into a book as decoration. There is a yappy dog in the mix adding to the fun, and finally a backstabby best friend full of surprises. Higgins keeps the plot fairly simple, which works well because she has excellent characters that drive the action. This is how it should be.

Second book is Geek with the Cat Tattoo by Theresa Weir. My gawd I loved this book. The POV switched among our hero Emerson, his love interest Lola, and A KITTY! Squeeeeeeeee! All the voices were different, and Sam the cat was awesome. I totes bought into the supernatural vibe going on throughout. Didn’t bother me one bit (hey, I was cool with that dragon transmoggery story a while ago, so don’t look so surprised). The protags are utter dorks, especially Emerson, who is portrayed with sweetness but also realism. His shyness sometimes comes across to others as assholetry, which is often the case with people who aren’t chatting and smiling all the time, for whatever reason (like being in chronic pain, hello). Lola and E are interesting, nice people I’d want to hang out with, so I had a little sad when the story ended. Sam is the cool and awesome hero of this book though. Obviously. Because KITTEH! Lotta music going on in this book, which was fun too.

Think I’ll buy a few more novels from Ms. Weir ~ and also a couple friends recommended the Sneaky Pie Brown stories, so I will be checking those out as well.

Yay for books!


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