Chicken Dinner Good Candy

I realize this sounds like the title of a Murakami story, but it’s actually the slogan for an old-time candy bar called Chicken Dinner.

I know, right? But that’s what the Sperrry Co. named their “nutritious” candy bar in 1923. It also made TIME’s list as one of the most influential CB’s because it apparently helped generate the creation of Power bars and such. (You will note that Chicken Dinner is no. 6 on the list. Number 1? KIT KAT!)

Also, there’s an entire blog named after the Chicken Dinner candy bar. Here’s an interesting excerpt:

The unusual name was meant to echo the feeling of well-being and prosperity associated with “a chicken in every pot”—a slogan that went back to Henry IV of France and which would be revived for the 1928 Republican campaign. And it was pretty popular, too! It stayed in production for nearly 40 years before being discontinued in the 1960’s. ~ Mars

Did you know that “a chicken in every pot” was a fronsh king thing and not an original Hooverism? Well, I’m sure you did, but I did not. Look at all the cool info an investigation of a candy bar turns up!

Now you may sensibly ask wtf motivated me to go googling up Chicken Dinner? I will tell you ~ it’s  because I wanted a poster for my kitchen. I had these neato carved wooden people from ages ago, and when I tried to put them up in my new place, one of the hooks broke. I could have fixed it, but then I thought, nah, I’m tired of these anyway. So, I looked up kitchen art. Most had to do with coffee, which is boring.

But then… then I found this most awesome poster ever!


Is that perfect, or what? Not only does it look awesome over my stove, but the yellow complements my countertops. I just love this thing ~ it makes me smile every time I go in there.

And there you have it: Chicken Dinner Good Candy. You may now resume your life full of extra-special knowledge. You’re very welcome. 🙂

3 responses to “Chicken Dinner Good Candy

  1. I love it with the teapot too! You need to get a frame for it, tho. You’ve cooked yourself a few meals lately and you wanna protect that awesome poster. 🙂


  2. Everything seems different, now that I know about Chicken Dinner Good Candy!


  3. I love that poster! I would like a Squirrel Nut Zippers one.


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