Breakfast in Bed

I just finished this romance novel by Robin Kaye and gave it two stars (“it was okay”) on Goodreads.

We can review books there on Goodreads, or on Amazon, but why should I when no one will read what I say? I’d rather know that my 7 loyal blogfans have pored over my words than be ignored by an audience of millions.

Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage? ~ Pink Floyd

Why yes, yes I did! Thank you for asking.

Back to the bedroom. There were positive things about this book. I loved the way the protags interacted, grew emotionally, and changed. That was cool. But this theme Kaye is using for her series of interconnected novels (love love love interconnectedyness!) about the NY Italian studmuffins who are fab at cooking and cleaning… is just weird. Yes, it’s different, so she gets credit for that. But at one point the buddies are talking about how vacuuming relaxes them or some shit, and OH COME ON.

It’s not that no men cook and clean. But to wax on about it? Bizarroland.

And something else bugged me. The hero, Rich, was this super-sharp, smart as a whip, psych professor. He was soooo in tune with everything Becca (and others) felt at all times. Rich was at the top of his game. But he completely misread why Gina dumped him at the beginning of the book. Zomg, it’s cuz I can’t clean and cook like these other studmuffins! I understand that this misunderstanding was necessary for the “plot” to work, but it made him look really stupid.

And does everyone have to have a shit ton of money? Geezus.

But the main things that drove me nuts about this book were the formatting and typos. I can’t understand why there were so many mistakes in a professionally published work. Sometimes there would be a word italicized, and then several words after that word would be incorrectly italicized as well. Distracting. There were countless paragraph indent errors in dialog, forcing the reader to stop and figure out who was speaking. And there were constant word-split errors, such as “basket ball,” sculp ture,” etc. CONSTANT. Idk if in the dead-tree version these were hyphenated, and someone didn’t know how to reformat for Kindle, but whatever… it was awful!

And something else. I know this is fiction, but you do not ever ever ever give a cat coffee or any caffeine! FFS, it’s easy enough to Google. Coffee is a poison to pets. I couldn’t get past poor little Tripod slurping up coffee every morning. 😦

I’m not going to buy another Kaye book. She’s a decent writer as far as the actual romance goes, but there are too many other writers out there to try. And no way am I going to slog through another messily formatted, typo-ridden novel with characters poisoning their kittehs. Bleargh!

7 responses to “Breakfast in Bed

  1. OMG. Doesn’t poor little Tripod have enough problems without ingesting caffeine??


  2. OMG 2, I hate when a writer who makes up stupidly unrealistic shit gets all published anyway. Years ago I was put off a novel that started with a guy getting in a motorcycle wreck not for any reason that actually happens but because a small animal dove into his spokes and locked up the front wheel. Wh-what?

    (Thank you for enquoting “plot” 🙂 )


    • OMG3
      Everyone knows the best way to avoid running over a squirrel is to aim right for it–a million years of evolution taught it to dart out of the way, but it will take another million years to learn to anticipate which way you are going to swerve. (Oh, they’ll get it eventually.)
      Or is it a zillion? I don’t know. I’m not Billy Nye, ferchysakes.


  3. Great review, I really enjoyed reading this! I too would have a hard time reading a book with numerous typos and formatting errors. And, I agree with you that I’d rather have 7 loyal readers that enjoy my posts as opposed to having millions of followers that never read a thing I write! Great post!!


  4. I could never get behind a hero named Rich.


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