I’ve been very dotty lately, like so…

And I do it wrong, I know. Guess what? I don’t care!

I don’t like to use a period and three dots with spaces. If my thought is drifting, if the sentence trails vaguely, then why would I use a mark designed for finality?

I wouldn’t. So there you go.

My thoughts feel unfinished these days, as if there is more, or should be… as if I’ve failed to grab onto the essential element of a concept, polish it, and present it to my readers in compact shining glory.

I’ve been writing a lot, here and there. A few pomes, bits of editing, fresh scenes. That’s a good thing. Not enough though, never enough.

I feel a restless compulsion to attend to All The Things, as if time is running out.

Because it is.

But there is just so much. So much to read, absorb, understand… tear apart with eager claws and reassemble in a jagged collage.

So much…

9 responses to “Trailing…

  1. Emily Dickinson created her own punctuation, why shouldn’t you? !


  2. I get mad at myself for overusing ellipses. as well as em dashes, and the word just, which can almost always just be deleted without affecting the meaning of anything I write. But those trailing dots, when I see them, make me want to say to the writer, OK, I think I know what you meant to say there but left unsaid, but what did you think you meant to say? Is it the same as “yadda yadda yadda?”


  3. I love being dotty. The ellipse represents my actual state of mind, thinking, writing. . . As you can see, I also love spaces. Possibly because there’s more emptiness in my head than yours. Possibly because I just like room and light, the way it lets silence in, the way it lets you breathe. . .


  4. Non-trailing ellipses. I like to think of them as expressing either a pause as I gather more thoughts so as to be better able to express myself with clarity (hah!) that represents the way I speak. But for the trailing ellipses, well, they are often invitations to my readers to help, or to participate — to fill in a thought of their own that might either add to what I have said, or enlighten me (and others). But, yah, they sometimes are the equivalent of the King of Siam’s lazy inclusion of additional material. Etc., etc., etc.


  5. I totally relate. And yes, I agree. Ellipses perfectly express that moment. I use them often but then I am also very ADHD-PI. Today is just such a day. I’m really in the PI part of things, like they say, herding cats…


  6. I thought your point was that you use trailing ellipses without a leading space, as you actually should …


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