Single Girl’s Valentine Checklist

Tomorrow is That Day, February 14th, when the unattached are reminded over and over and over again that they’re alone. No hearts for you! But no worries ~ I’m here to help, with the essential guide to Valentine’s Day for the single girl. Check it out!

1. Yoga pants to facilitate frumping around the house on Valentine’s night while every other woman is dressed to kill and having a beautiful candlelight dinner with her man. Hey, at least we’re cozy and comfy…


2. Chick flicks for that necessary escape from loneseome reality. Anything with Meg Ryan, Kate Hudson or Katherine Heigl is a good choice.


3. Romance novels to give us an impossible standard by which to judge men in real life. From Victorian to contemporary, there is no shortage of the sexy alpha hero who goes from pirate ship captain to duke of the realm without scuffing his boots.


4. Photo albums to push us down the coulda woulda shoulda angst path.


5. Box of tissue for our copious tears after dealing with items 2-4.


6. Ice cream, obviously. We’re in survival mode now, baby!


7. Emergency candy, to supplement the above.


8. And last but not least, the most important thing a woman needs to feel totally single on Valentine’s Day…


The indifferent cat.

And there you have it ~ the Single Girl’s Valentine Checklist in all its glory. Hope you get through the day with minimal upset, and remember… there’s always next year!


6 responses to “Single Girl’s Valentine Checklist

  1. LOL! Lurve this poast!


  2. Hey! What happened to my comment? I told it to post one. It was all about how both Valentine’s Day and cookie dough Oreos are stupid, but Cheetos are not. Think about it. Who doesn’t love a Cheeto?


  3. They were crunchy Cheetos, but I’m with you. Puffy are way better.


  4. If you have cats, you have everything. Single or not


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