Quickie on Self-Publishing

This article came up in my personalized newsfeed and I thought it might be of some interest to writer peeps.

Self-publishing used to be synonymous with unprestigious “vanity publishing,” where well-off authors who couldn’t get their books into print by traditional means paid small, independent presses to publish them. But with the advent of e-books, social reading sites and simple digital self-publishing software and platforms, all that has changed. An increasing proportion of authors now actively choose to self-publish their work, giving them better control over their books’ rights, marketing, distribution and pricing. (Amy-Mae Elliott)

A good chunk of the article is basically an ad for Wattpad, which I’d never heard of, so I checked it out for my loyal readers. K, pain in butt… that was easy. You can’t browse for stuff like on Amazon; you have to log in and join a “community” to see what books are there. Stupid!

But this did remind me of how I’d planned to put Burnt Offerings up on Smashwords and forgot. So I’mma gonna do that today!

Anyway… point is, self-publishing is getting cooler and more mainstreamed all the time, just like online dating! Er, hopefully with better results. 🙂


4 responses to “Quickie on Self-Publishing

  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. Oh. One does not simply upload one’s book to Smashwords. No. One must first read through their entire Style Guide to make sure one’s writing is in compliance. Gah.


  3. Dammit! Is it Oreo DISCS or Oreo DISKS???


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