Maybe He’s Just…


…An Asshole!

This book was a fast, fun read! Really enjoyed it. I know peeps are going to have problems with the writing ~ it’s certainly not scientific in any way. The “asshole ratings” are totally arbitrary. The author says the scenarios are a mishmash of experiences, which means, to me, that some of them could be straight out of her imagination.

But so what? Any woman who has been in the dating circus recently can relate to at least some of MHJAA ~ there are a lot of jerks out there! But more than that, it was clear that the author had fun writing this book. At least, it appears that way from her use of casual language, metaphors and puns. The chapters roll right along like a comedy routine, even though the vignettes contain serious advice as well.

AND YES OF COURSE women can be horrible too, but hey write yer own book about that. This one is for women who have been with jerks and want to laugh about it and/or get a bit of help in avoiding jerks in the future.

One serious issue that was hinted at but basically glossed over is that staying with an asshole is like gazing into the abyss… sooner or later you’re going to end up an asshole yourself. The author noted some shitty female behaviors that stem from being with a selfish guy, an untrustworthy guy, a manipulator, etc., but she didn’t flat-out state the obvious ~ you resort to acting like a jerk in order to feel OK about being with one. Whether it’s nagging or spying or lying or whatever yucky behaviors you engage in… being with someone who’s bad for you takes a toll on your personality.

And sometimes it’s hard to toss that baggage after you’ve ended a relationship. It tends to cling to you like barnacles, depending how long you’ve been dealing with assholes. You find yourself acting snippy and shrewish and paranoid with the next man, whether he deserves it or not.

Luckily, most do! Bwah.

I was thrilled at the end of the book when Amazon recommended Natalie Lue’s books to buy next. I haven’t quoted or linked to her in a while, but she’s still awesome. 🙂