So, I just finished Firelight by Sophie Jordan. It fulfills my promise to y’all to read a “monster” erotica. Er, sort of. I’m not sure that dragons count as real monsters, since they’re so pretty and all, and I’m damn sure there was no erotica in this book. But it was definitely a romance ~ a young adult romance. Gah! I didn’t realize that when I bought it. Basically I grabbed the novel because of the cover.

Anyway. There were things I enjoyed about Firelight. One was the fabulously detailed and specific description of what it feels like to be part dragon. It was good enough to get me to suspend disbelief, which is not an easy task. Jordan did a great job of hooking the reader via vivid emotional conflicts. And the family drama was solid and relatable. The not-fitting-in at school theme was well-done, but I’m old to care about high school angst situations these days. That all was predictable and somewhat clichéd. Back to good things ~ the surprising revelation about the hero near the end was very fun to read.

I disliked the ending. I understand this is a series, so the ending couldn’t be final and had to make me want to keep reading. Except it didn’t. I felt like a TV show had trailed off too soon and, meh, I don’t really care. I have no intention of buying the next book in the series. But again, part of the problem is the fact that this is a book for teenagers, and while I liked some of the writing, I’m just not that interested in the story or characters to continue.

Dragons are cool though. I wouldn’t mind some dragon stuffs in a real romance novel written for grownups.

I gave Firelight three stars on Goodreads.

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