Perfect Grilled Cheese



Everyone knows how to make a grilled cheese, but very few know how to do it perfectly. Well, I’m here to help.

You will need:
2 sl. rye bread
3 sl. American cheese
2 sl. tomato
spreadable butter
skillet ~ use a small one to keep things neater

Start by buttering one side of one piece of bread. Yes, this is what you do! Do not melt a glob of butter in the pan ~ that’s wasteful and dumb. Place the bread in the pan, butter side down (dur).



Next layer on two (2) slices of cheese, neatly, like so:



Now, put on the tomato slices.



Center the third (3rd) slice of cheese over the tomatoes. At this point, you may turn on the burner to medium.

Next, butter the other slice of bread, making sure to butter the opposite side to its partner slice, so that they match up. Otherwise, you will have the curves of the bread in the wrong places and that’s just horrible. Put this piece of bread on top of the snadwich, butter side up (dur).

Now, your bottom bread should be sizzling a bit if you have done this properly and spent exactly the right amount of time buttering the second (2nd) piece of bread.  Wait a little more, so that the snadwich is browned ~ we don’t want one of those half-assed “golden” grilled cheese snadwiches. Those are for babies.

Flip it! (And don’t mess this up.)



Mmm… your snadwich should look this wonderful! Let the bottom side brown. Idk how long. You can peek under the edge a little bit. Just make sure it’s right. Don’t burn it, FFS. When done, put on plate, cut in half, and nom up.

Superb! Perfection! 🙂

3 responses to “Perfect Grilled Cheese

  1. I disagree that everyone knows how to make a grilled cheese. Everyone thinks they do, but it’s one of those things that’s deceptively complicated. Because if the bread isn’t exactly right it’s gross.

    Yours looks good, but I don’t do tomatoes. Tomatoes are for if you’re making a tuna melt, dur.


  2. Nice twist on a classic!


  3. Seconding the tomato ugh. I like tomatoes, fresh. Cooked at all, they remind me of the overspill lining the roads at the tomato sorting facility I worked at one summer, splitting in the sunlight and oozing.

    I use a waffle iron, but with the irons reversed to use the flat parts, that is older than I am. Butter. Cheese. Aught else is superfluous.

    Love rye bread, though. Hm.


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