I Tumbl For Ya

Not sure if y’all know I have a Tumblr ~ well, I do.

What I put there are pretty things ~ pics of rainbow cakes and kittehs and pomes and things. So, if you like that, go check it out. Sometimes I forget about it, but then I want to see some uplifting stuffs and I return. Or I think of a new pome to stick in and do that. Also, I include pomes about death and despair just to keep things interesting.

It can’t be butterflies and cupcakes all the time.

My Pentagon
by Heather Christle

It was the military
coming together

on paper under glass

to shine on me! they
called me

damp thing it was
my name coming

together under orders

nothing would go

they said
they said

under orders after death
all things must shine


One response to “I Tumbl For Ya

  1. Man, that is some pretty rainbowy shit there. Way too light on the death and despair. Speakin’ of, I haz Instagram, and I wonder if I can or should share it. Or no, I was wondering how, but I just fingered it out.


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