The Defense Rests

Oh look, it’s yet another article dissing romance novels. (Ghosh offers a tepid “apology” for his diss here ~ he has clearly never read a contemporary romance novel. See my last paragraph about “journalists” who do no research.)

And so many women feel compelled to explain/justify their love of this genre. No one says to men, hey, why do you like watching those explody movies full of gratuitous violence? Or science fiction flicks with goofy aliens. And what about that TV show about zombies everyone loves? Yep, zombies are fine, no need to question anyone’s taste on THAT, but romance novels… now those are suspect.

Most people even accept that men enjoy pr0n. Some women might not like the fact that men enjoy it, but they aren’t puzzled by the idea. It’s not confusing. But people who don’t read romances act confused about women who do read them. “I don’t get it. They’re formulaic. You know how they’ll end.” And so? We always knew Columbo would get the bad guy, yet we liked watching him anyway.

I’m not sure why people have such a problem with romance novels. If you don’t like ’em, don’t read ’em. It’s fairly simple. I dislike all science fiction except the original Star Trek, so I avoid it. That works. I have no interest in any zombie type stuff, so I don’t read or watch it. No problem there. But people who don’t read romances seem to feel a burning need to continually diss the genre.

Beyond that, we have the explainers and the analyzers. Must don Freudian cap and tell you vhy you like zeeze books. You had a strained relationship wiss your fadder, yes? Zomg. SHADDAP.

You know what the problem is? Too many fucking “journalists” and not enough topics. Every week these explainer dorks are scrambling for something to write about, but they don’t go out and actually experience anything, interview anyone, take photos, etc. They just yabber away from their armchairs and make shit up. Hopefully something annoying that people will click on so they’ll see some dumb ad.  Many are still sailing in the faint breeze from that Fifty Shades book  and trying to make a penny off discussing erotica erm blah yip yap SEX whatever.

Leave us alone and let us enjoy our bodice rippers in peace.

5 responses to “The Defense Rests

  1. People — even well-meaning people — tend to diss anything that is meant expressly for women. Miatas (except for the intrepid few males who recognize the worth of those zippy little cars for their maneuverability and speed). Glitter. Pink. Breast cancer research. Romance novels.

    It’s like men are so afraid they’ll lose their penises if they *like* something remotely feminine, they react with complete opposition to things that appeal to women. Like the homophobes who we all know probably want to suck some guy’s dick and are horrified that that thought makes them less manly so they beat up gays, innit.

    I think the “journalists” just need something to whinge about, right? And they pick what they see as the low hanging fruit. “Oh, let’s be misogynists today!”

    Fuck ’em, I say. And not in that good sense.


  2. I like romance novels quite a bit (good ones). I like all genre fiction (when it’s good) except sci-fi, because space blah blah yawn. I tend to like genre fiction much more than literary fiction (because it’s rarely good, mostly just pretentious and boring). Sorry lit fic people! I’m sure yours is really good. Yours and Toni Morrison’s and Faulkner’s. But everyone else needs to be less in love with themselves and their clever clever words. I just like a good story.

    Are the snobbish romance peeps okay with the Janes Austen and Eyre? Because what? Those romances are older so that makes them automatically better for you? Or probably because they don’t use the word cock or specify that the nipples are rosy. But just imagine if Charlotte Bronte was writing today and gave you a Rochester-Jane sex scene. Hot right? (Because you know Charlotte would do it right.)

    The formula argument holds no weight with me. Sonnets have a formula. And haiku! Who doesn’t love a haiku? People are totally okay with these things but cute meets and happy endings are OMG AWFUL.

    Agree with Gekko on the fuck ’em.


  3. I’d wear garters and miniskirts more often but they make my dick look big.

    Oops, that might have been offensive. Oh, wait. Not in this crowd. Yay for this crowd!


  4. I have that problem too, Don. I suppose that if I worked as a bouncer it might be okay to look so intimidating.


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