It’s Been A While


And obviously I’ve lost my touch. Clearly this is not like riding a bicycle!

So, I was wandering around Irvine Spectrum on the weekend and spied a Casey’s Cupcakery. I debated whether I should buy a cupcake and guess what I decided?

Right. I love having smart blogfans. Now, we all remember what disaster ensued when I tried a Casey’s strawberry, don’t we? And then I gave Casey’s a second chance and had the most delicious (and gorgeous!) Beach Boy. It presented quite the dilemma to decide what flavor to have on my third go-round. I was very tempted to try the coconut because … coconut! But then I thought, hmm, don’t I usually get a red velvet everywhere? Wouldn’t that be like comparing er apples to apples?

And thus we have the flipped mess at top, since I seem to have forgotten how to drive with cupcake. But I was still able to do the taste test, THANK GOD! Cake was absolutely scrummy with eensy beansy choccy chips baked right into the cake, which was super moist and tender. Possibly the best RV cake I’ve had so far. What an innovation! The frosting was very good, but not great. Sprinkles still has the most bestest frosting ever. Must go back there again soon.

And, as always, I would rather not have silly deco doodads on mah cupcakes.

2 responses to “It’s Been A While

  1. Mm RV cakes … but yeah, the graphics on the doodads are kind of weird, when you stop and look at them. And at least it wasn’t a container of hot and sour soup.


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