Another Day, Another Liar

So this guy calls me, right?

Already you know how the story ends, but indulge me. It’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want to. He sounded nice, charming, etc. We chitchatted for a bit and he said he wanted to meet me. He’ll be in the area next week, so how about if we just do something quick and casual? I was in a good mood, so I agreed.

I dressed nicely as I always do, but nothing out of the ordinary. After all it was a workday. He was 20 minutes late, so I was a bit annoyed, but since I didn’t have high expectations, it was not that big of a deal. Nice looking dude anyway. Good conversationalist.

But after a few minutes the truth emerges. He had lied on the phone. And not just some insignificant little lie, but a big huge serious major misrepresentation.

He doesn’t service Toshiba copiers! He only represents Sharp.

What a waste of time for both of us.

And then… and then he asks me to validate his parking.

This is how they are. Unbelievable.


5 responses to “Another Day, Another Liar

  1. Haha!


  2. Steven Holtsberg

    What kind of car does he drive? 🙂


  3. That parking thing is priceless. You must use it in a book.


  4. Are you serious? Why lie about that? If I’m going to lie, I’m going to make it a big one! Like “I’m president of Toshiba”


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