Animal Attraction

By Jill Shalvis. I gave this book a 2-star rating (“it was okay”) on Goodreads even though I enjoyed it for the most part, but I’ve given better books a 3-star, and I want to have some sense of fairness in my ratings.

As I thought objectively about AA, and disregarded the fact that I ripped through it because it was fun and sexy and had a kitty (and lots of other aminals too ~ hero Dell was a vet), I realized it had one of the Fatal Flaws of romance novel writing. The “plot,” such as it was, hinged on the premise that there was an End Date looming, a date at which our heroine Jade absolutely had to leave Sunshine, Idaho and return home to Chicago, therefore preventing Jade and Dell from becoming emotionally entangled, which they would resist in any case since Dell was one of those emotionally unavailable kind of guys we all break our hearts over in real life though in RNs they always become available which upfucks the brains of women who read these STUPID BOOKS but I digress, and they both knew this. (Of course Jade tried not to become physically involved with him either, but that didn’t work. Obviously.)

But as it turned out the End Date was totally arbitrary ~ Jade didn’t have to leave. She had made a promise to her family she’d come home, mostly because they’d been nagging her unreasonably, and since she was a 30 year old woman, it would have been totally acceptable, if not downright advisable, for her to tell them, dudes, I found a good job, a cool apartment, and a great boyfriend here in Idaho, so BACK OFF, I’m staying indefinitely. And so basically there was no plot if you discount this made up out of thin air date. If you do discount the date, then the whole story becomes this whiny thing of ermahgerd I gotta go, can’t let myself fall for hunkyvet, and him thinking why must she go, everyone abandons me just like mommy. Bleh.

Plus there were sloppy POV switches within scenes (annoying and unforgivable!) and missing quotation marks, super-distracting. Upside, the dialog was great and witty, and there were fun minor characters. Shalvis has a ton of books available and I can tell from the blurbs and reviews (however positive) that they’re all gonna be about the same. But one was enough for me.

8 responses to “Animal Attraction

  1. You mention POV quite often, but I’m not sure what you mean about it switching. Or why that is bad. I don’t even know if I do that. What exactly do you mean? Can you switch it every few paragraphs? Every chapter, or never?


  2. POV Poast comin’ up! Whee!

    I really oughta do Goodreads, I keep getting New Friends notices, maybe there’s some action. Oh, but I hardly ever read anymore. OK.

    A woman once described me as emotionally unavailable but I think it was really only because I was mostly locked into someone else. The past year has shown me I’m pretty much not emotionally poly … but wait, I never seem to blog about that anymore, so never mind. At any rate, not the kind of thing your typical RN is going to cover. But to figure out why the hell I’m babbling here, I think if I ever slow this ride down and also train myself to focus really well and meanwhile not kill my imagination, I will have collected material for some novels, no lie. Was there a question?

    Oh, and then there’s that whole thing of people using their families in some way or other as excuses to avoid relationships. Pretty much what you’re talking about there. Did he really whine about mommy abandonment? I’ve done that.


    • Idk why I even began doing Goodreads ~ I get no benefit out of it. Would be nice if it coordinated with Amazon to fine-tune my list of lists, or something. Someone should get on that since my data is all in a big glob collection anyway. STOP LOOKING AT MY NUDE PHOTOS; FIX THE BOOK REC LISTS!

      Emotionally unavailable dudes are an RN standard. They generally have a mission though, usually revenge cuz someone killed their father or sullied the family name, etc. But Dell didn’t have anything like that. He was just saving aminals, and breaking ladies’ hearts. I guess he didn’t whine about his mommy, but it was there throughout the narrative anyway somehow. It felt like he was sulking for half the book or more.


      • Somebody said Nude Photos. However as a emotional unavailable dude, I have to say that the the only way we are breaking hearts is because women don’t just fucking sleep with us, It took years for me to learn to stop falling in love with everyone who slept with me. or said they would sleep with me. or looked like they wanted to sleep with me. or looked like I wanted them to look like they wanted to sleep with me.

        it’s hard to be emotionally unavailable.


  3. Reminds me of the little dog that limped into the saloon last week. I and all the cowboys put our drinks down, and put one hand down by our hips, close to our six-shooters. The little dog was limping real bad. He eyed us slowly and said, “I’m looking for the man who shot my paw.”
    No, really. I ain’t lyin’.


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