Werewolf Erotica

It’s a thing.

And California prisoners are now free to read as much of it as they want. A Pelican Bay prisoner had his werewolf-human erotica novel, The Silver Crown, confiscated by prison officials because they thought it was obscene (sexually explicit, advocates violence), and our prisoners aren’t allowed to read obscene things because … bad.

Anyway, Justice James Richman disagreed.

“Personally, we would be hard-pressed to say The Silver Crown has ‘significant’ literary value and is a work ‘of great import,'” Richman wrote. But, he concluded, “we cannot simply dismiss the work as nonserious literature because it deals with werewolves and other paranormal creatures and activities. For better or worse, some segment of the population is fascinated by werewolves and other mythical beings. … Werewolves, in fact, have played a role in popular fiction for centuries.”

Exactly so. Can’t discriminate against kooks. Richman also states that the sex is OK because it’s all between consenting adults, and the violence is OK because it’s mostly against mythical creatures. He really got into this novel. You guys should read the law.com article ~ it’s great fun. 🙂

But I didn’t realize our prisoners were such avid readers. Whatever happened to…


7 responses to “Werewolf Erotica

  1. Let the prisoners read, then stamp out some bitchin’ license plates.


  2. A tip of the hat to Judge Richman. Sanity carries the day!


  3. Oh my God…this was hilarious. These prisoners are likely to get in a lot more trouble, mentally and emotionally, from reading Immanuel Kant than from reading werewolf erotica.


  4. The Bobby Fuller Four are pretty badass. And if they want to read werewolf erotica, so be it.


  5. Fist it’s werewolf erotica, then, before you know it, vampire Fuckaware parties. Where does it all end?


  6. So if the sex and violence were in a non-paranormal setting it would be fine and there would have been no kerfuffle in the first place? WTF is all this focus on “mythical creatures” instead of the content that was presumably being objected to? Or is it actually those mythical creatures they’re objecting to, and not really sex and violence? Because reading fantasy might make prisoners WEIRD and BAD. How incredibly fucking stupid.

    Especially since criminals could probably benefit from a little nerdiness.


  7. Werewolf erotica is much too much for me. I’m more into CPA erotica: decent, kind sex where nobody orgasms ever. That’s what made this country great..


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