Casey’s Redemption

I know y’all remember this poast about how disappointed I was in Casey’s Cupcakes at Fashion Island in Newport Beach last year. Such a gorgeous store, with delicious-looking treats, but my strawberry cupcake was totes tasteless.

However! We were wandering around Fashion Island on Memorial Day (to honor the fallen) and my friend said, hey we should have a cupcake. People seem to have sudden cupcake cravings in my presence; it’s strange but I accept it, the way we used to deal with the spontaneous combustion of rock & roll drummers. I was a bit leery, recalling the strawberry bomb, but willing to give Casey’s a second chance ~ I don’t always give them to people, but we’re talking about dessert here.

My buddy got this chocolate peanut butter confection, which looked awesome and was absolutely yummy with an actual mini pb cup on top. Check it out (biggify).


Now onto me. I wanted the coconut ~ in fact, I ordered the coconut. But I changed my mind at the last second, as I’m wont to do. Why? Because I’m superficial and shallow and could not resist getting this Beach Boy cupcake because omg PRETTY COLORS!

Beach Boy

Is that not THE most gorgeousest cupcake ever in your life? I was prepared for it to be boring and tasteless though ~ NO NO NO! It was scrumptious!! The cake was moist and super-vanilla. The frosting was incredibly perfect buttercream. And then I was all proud of myself for choosing a vanilla/vanilla cuz, you know, that’s really the best test for a cupcakery, how well they can do vanilla. If they can’t get the basics right, they’re not gonna be able to do anything more elaborate. It’s all just cover-up. Know what I’m saying? Of course you do. 🙂

So, I don’t know what the deal is with Casey’s ~ possibly the strawberry was just an outlier, because these two were utter perfection. But I definitely recommend Casey’s Cupcakes at Fashion Island. Noms!


4 responses to “Casey’s Redemption

  1. I don’t like the looks of the Beach Boy cupcake. A gumball??!! Or is it !!?? ? Either way. No. I did like the way the frosting is the same color as the 1957 Fender Telecaster guitar, even though the ring of greenish yellow colored crystals is puzzling.


    • OK, I confess I threw away the gumball. Who wants to chomp on a gumball after savoring a delicious cupcake? Weird. But it added a fun aesthetic touch, I thought. I will fight to the death though that this cupcake is PRETTY OH SO PRETTY!


  2. The gumball makes it look like a clown thing instead of a beach thing. And, NO CLOWNS PLZ.


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