Few Writing Noodles

Some peeps were discussing self-pub and a friend just did his on Smashwords. I bought and downloaded his short story, which was available on a variety of formats, including plain old PDF (very convenient!). This worked out well and I recommend. It was easy and fast as a customer to sign up for an account and make a purchase ~ this is way, way important. Oh and you may want to keep your adult filter on, just saying. And I never say this.

If you write erotica and are thinking of self-pub, you may want to explore venues other than Amazon ~ an article came up in my Google reader accusing Amazon of censoring erotica titles. According to Ms. Kitt, her books don’t appear under “all departments;” you have to search for them specifically. And while Amazon can do as they like, Ms. Kitt received no warning of this change. I don’t know how erotica titles would come up in a search on Smashwords or other publishing sites, so erotica writers would have to research that. I also don’t know if my romance novels would be considered erotica ~ my feeling is that they probably would not. Also, apparently you can’t er sub-categorize by microgenre on Amazon in erotica, as you do with other fiction, thus directing readers right to your spanking stories, or whatever. This is a problem. Yes, I just made up microgenre in a snark attack. Sue me.

Here’s an essay on HuffPo regarding “unnecessary” romance in young adult novels. I don’t read YA, but the essay resonated with me because so many times I pick up a promising romance novel and the protags are well-written, but the plot is poor. There has to  be a reason for the hero and heroine to meet, fall in love, and be separated (physically and/or emotionally), but it’s a shame when the writer shovels in a complex murder mystery that borders on the ridiculous. Not every romance needs a James Bondesque level of intrigue! Most writers can’t do it well, plus there isn’t enough time to focus on resolving all that and also doing enough character development, as Ms. Vail states in her article.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the weekend!


3 responses to “Few Writing Noodles

  1. Do you think it’s a good idea to self-publish on that site?


    • I have no idea. My friend who selfed on Amazon doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Big names do well there, but you already have to be someone who’d come up in a search, otherwise how would someone find you? I just don’t know and am losing interest in writing at the moment. Blah.


  2. It’s almost as if it’s now all about the author-as-celebrity. Or, more so than it used to be, at least, just because it’s the Internet we’re talking about. Like, if you were a really good singer, but you won’t make it big unless you look good on youtube, and then get on a reality show, etc., I’m thinking, (as well as I can on 1/2 cup of coffee so far) that when self-promoting, you really have to “self” promote, with glamour shots and everything. Like lady realtors do!


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