The Gamers and The Titled

So I picked up The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl (by Gina Lamm), a time-travel romance, which is a genre I used to read but have been avoiding for years. I did this for Teacake. No, she didn’t ask me; I just thought of her when I saw the title/description and I said to myself ~ must read and review this book for her. Yep yep, that’s just what I do. And hey, why not check out a time-travel once in a while, right? And no, this does not imply that I’ll ever be reviewing a first-person vampire romance, bite your tongue!

First, I was disappointed in the set-up. We plunged right into Jamie’s gaming world, which was great, but her time-travel had nothing to do with that and simply seemed tacked on, like Lamm couldn’t think of how to cleverly get Jamie back to the 1800s via a computer game, or anything related to Jamie herself, so she’d just use some cliched device.

Second, I really liked Jamie; she was an atypical romance heroine. Instead of being perky and resourceful, she was rather depressed much of the time ~ which she should have been, considering her circumstances. This made me relate to her more. I also liked Micah; he didn’t always act predictably as the alpha hero, though he was one.

As an aside, what I’d rather see in a time-travel romance is an alpha dude out of his element and how he deals with that. It’s easy enough for some earl to be swaggering around getting his own way when he’s THE EARL and everyone knows it, but what about when he’s stuck somewhere new and has to rely only on his strengths and wits? Then what? But I haven’t seen a time-travel like that (I used to read them) ~ all I’ve seen are women flung around through the centuries and having to adapt to different times with men.

Back to TGG and TSE. Most of the plot was too thin and obvious; otoh, the love story wasn’t overly complicated. There were just two people who had to learn to trust, and they didn’t have much time. Plus there was Baron, the greyhound. I was heartily sick of dogs in romances due to Jennifer Crusie’s obsessive dogginess, but Baron was awesome and now I’m cool with dogs again.

Finally, I did very much enjoy the last quarter of this book, which kept me guessing. Of course we all know how romances are going to end, so the question is how will we get there? I don’t want to be able to predict every turn of the road, and indeed I could not here. In fact, the actual ending was a complete surprise. So yay!

I’ll probably pick up at least the next novel in this series, Geek Girls Don’t Date Dukes, despite the fact that the title isn’t as cute as the other and the cover absolutely sucks. (This would not be Lamm’s fault.)


One response to “The Gamers and The Titled

  1. Aw, thanks so much for thinking of me when you saw the word geek! Gamer girl romances should totally become a thing. Except it’s not very realistic, as we don’t leave our houses except to restock on Hot Pockets. Mmmm… Hot Pockets.

    I have been turned off on time travel romance ever since trying and failing to slog my way through Outlander, which I know is supposed to be THE time travel romance and everyone loves it, but YAWN. But oddly enough, I just bought one for my Kindle the other day because it was only $3 and I was in a romancey mood. I feel no chemistry between the characters, which you would think would be the single most important thing for a romance, but it’s not bothering me. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t read one in so long, but I’m enjoying it. Title? Can’t remember.


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