Delayed Gratification

[aka Sam’s Cupcakes, Part 2]

It’s true. Sometimes I wait. Because twice can be too much for a workday.

But this allows me to report that unlike bakery goodies, Sam’s cupcakes did not go stale. Nope. The chocolate cupcake had moist and tasty cake several days after purchase, and the frosting was creamy and delicious. Color me surprised. Choc/choc is never my fave flavor, yet it outperformed the vanilla/coconut.


Likewise, the red velvet cupcake was totally scrumptious days after purchase, with moist, light cake and wonderfully rich and tangy cream cheese frosting. It definitely competes with the best cupcakery cupcake.


Since you blogfans have been so patient in waiting for this review, I’m including a bonus. Saturday night I went to a game meetup and someone brought an entire tray of red velvet cupcakes ~ from Ralph’s (a grocery store)! Honestly I was kind of cupcaked out from the previous week of almost daily indulgence (this can happen), but I ruminated (moo!) over this dilemma for about two seconds and decided that foregoing an opportunity to review a cupcake for MAH FANS would be entirely unfair and selfish, so I forced myself to nom up.


Again, unbelievably delicious! Fluffy cake! Wonderful cream cheese frosting! And little curly ribbonettis. Or something. Very fun! I actually think these are the cutest red velvet cupcakes because of the deco, though Sam’s are probably tastier. Most interesting though is how the regular stores are now seriously competing for the gourmet cupcake market ~ I wonder if they’re going to start offering a wider variety of flavors? That would be awesome.

One response to “Delayed Gratification

  1. My local Harris Teeter has better cake than most bakeries around here. Which is sad. But also really, really convenient.


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