SusieCakes Review

I picked up two cupcakes from SusieCakes in Newport Beach last week, but then ~life happened~ and I didn’t try them until a couple days later. So, this review is not going to be complete and I may have to return and try other flavors in the name of fairness. Oh, woe is me.

First, parking at SusieCakes was a big pain in the butt. I passed the place the first time because buildings in SoCal are notoriously unnumbered (I guess numbers mess up the vibe, man) and had to make a U-turn (I hate U-turns ~ remember my U-turn ticket and subsequent traffic school experience? Gah!!) … which I did in a motel lot, going in the wrong direction, almost crashed into some crazy chick going in the right direction (what is UP with people following arrows like automatons?) … and finally found SusieCakes mashed into the corner of a strip mall off Westcliff that had an extremely cramped parking lot filled with fancy cars and ginormous SUVs.

Second, SusieCakes is impossibly pretty, chock-full of adorable desserts and sweet little tables at which to sit and nom. I wanted ALL THE THINGS, but luckily I am forced to focus on cupcakes, else I’d be standing there all day unable to decide. I chose lemon and mocha, again resisting my faves in order to test new flavors.


How cute is this cupcake? Unfortunately, by the time I tried it, the cake was stale, so I can’t give a fair assessment. There was lemon filling, which was tangy and not overwhelming (I dislike filling that takes up a high percentage of the interior). The frosting was still delicious after three days! It had that lovely buttercream snap and was perfectly sweet and citrusy.


Same deal here with the mocha cake ~ stale after three days, which of course is not SusieCakes’ fault. Again, there was tasty mocha filling in the right quantity. I adored the frosting! While I’m not a chocoholic, I do love the coffee/choccy combo. To me, that’s much more interesting than chocolate alone. And the slight crust with the still-soft inside was perfect. How I heart buttercream! I dare whipped frosting to stand up to that test, hah.

Despite the first world problems I had in traveling to and parking at SusieCakes in Newport Beach, I think I should return and try more cupcakes ($3.00 each).

What say you?


5 responses to “SusieCakes Review

  1. I don’t like those little cupcakes because they adhere excessively to those little pleated paper cups and your very own pictures here show quite clearly how some of the frosting is going to get ripped away upon removal. Else the paper is too chewy to go with the delicate, melty aspects of the cake and frosting. I suggest they be baked in hard candy shells, or be battered and deep fried. Just thinking out loud.


  2. You should always return to try more cupcakes. Obviously.

    I enjoy lemon cake. And, you have a lot of bad parking to deal with.


  3. Addendum:
    Huh. You’d think people in gynormous SUVs would get great big cakes, instead of little cupcakes.
    Addendum a. :
    Lemon flavor. In cakes. That is so weird.


  4. Wait. You bought cupcakes that sat there FOR TWO DAYS? 48 HOURS? Give us back the real writer of this blog.


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