The Queen’s Bakery


I visited The Queen’s Bakery in Costa Mesa and tried two of their cupcakes.

First, the bakery itself was easy to find, though parking was a pain and so was getting out of the parking lot (which wasn’t really a parking lot at all, but this industrial type area, where I had to wait for trucks to move). Second, the actual interior of the cafe was very attractive, with some seating indoors and out. All the desserts looked delicious, but I focused on cupcakes, natch.

I resisted going for my usual favorites (coconut, red velvet), which was good in that I “branched out” flavor-wise, and bad in that I can’t really compare them to Sprinkles and other cupcakeries very fairly/scientifically now. Oh well. Moving along.

The back cupcake is a passion-fruit ~ vanilla cake, fruit frosting. The cake was tasty but adequate. Nice and spongy, good vanilla flavor, though slightly dry. I didn’t mind that so much because I sometimes get tired of the super high-fat moist gourmet cake that invariably makes me slightly nauseated (it’s never the frosting, NO!). Speaking of the frosting ~ omg. This frosting was the best. Maybe I haven’t had a cupcake in a long time, but this passion-fruit frosting was an 11 on the scale of 1-10 of nom. Everything about it was perfect. The flavor simply burst out, super-sweet, super-tangy, and it had that wonderful crusty snap of buttercream that gets the eensiest bit hardened at the edge. [Why is Firefox still underlining everything, including buttercream?!? ARGH!!]

Oh, those little orange doodads on top ~ idk what to call them ~ were crunchy and good, too. They were fun to eat with the frosting.

Now for the chocolate/chocolate cupcake. I have to confess that I’m probably not the best person to review anything chocolate because I’m just not a fiend. The cake was good and moist and chocolatey ~ again,  not super high-fat, which was nice ~ and the frosting was yummy and fudgy. But I definitely prefer the passion-fruit cupcake.

Overall, The Queen’s Bakery has good cupcakes ($3.00 each) and I’d go back and try different ones, especially the coconut next time and another fruit flavor.

Update 12/01/2013: I’ve been back with Google Chrome for a while now… it’s soooo much better than Firefox.


3 responses to “The Queen’s Bakery

  1. They both look wonderful. I need to have you come visit me here and we can go cupcaking and you can write up reviews of my ‘cakeries so I will know which ones to patronessize.

    The underlining thing? I’ve noticed that Thunderbird does it, too. Like, I typed “dissipated” and Thunderbird underlined the “sipated” part of it. When I right-clicked, on a whim, it suggested “dissipated” as one of the spelling choices. I chose “dissipated” and it replaced the “sipated” so that I ended up with “disdissipated.” And it was happy with that. Go figure.

    I’m using Google Chrome for now, although I don’t like that it doesn’t presently support some of the add-ins I like. But it syncs beautifully across all my computing devices, is not as bloated as Firefox, and has a nice, clean interface that’s intuitive. I still have FF, though. And Safari as well. Not Internet Explorer since I have a Mac. Although I use a very old version of IE at work because that’s the “official” one they support at work.


  2. I think I must be an old lady now, because I make decisions based on traffic and parking, and would not go someplace where the parking stressed me out, even for cupcakes.

    Passion fruit is gross. Can you try red velvet and report back?

    Also it disturbs me that Firefox can’t spell buttercream.


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