Sprinkles ATM Cupcake

OK. I finally got to try a Sprinkles ATM cupcake after all this time ~ the ATM is only in select locations, the closest one to me being in Beverly Hills. I ended up there early in the morning on a Sunday, and I won’t regale you with my parking adventures, but trust me, they were epic, as usual.

Sprinkles ATM

As you can see, it is pink, and states quite clearly that it is a CUPCAKE ATM, so that you do not confuse it with something else. So far, so good. But things went downhill from there. First, it was early morning, as stated, and the sun was glaring right on the screen making it impossible to read anything at all. I had no idea what I was doing. None. But I could not leave without a cupcake! So I slid my credit card through the thingie and hoped for the best. (Hoped I did not get charged for 500 cupcakes or something.)

Nothing happened. I shaded my eyes every which way and barely made out some squares on the screen. I touched one. Still I had no clue what was going on. Could not see anything because of the glare. But I must have done something because things whirred and clanked and a box appeared ~ my cupcake!

I peeked into the box… bummer. It was a black and white (chocolate cake with white non-buttercream frosting and choccy sprinkles). Oh well.

Finally I could see the main screen a little bit ~ turned out there were only three cupcakes available that day: the B&W, an all-choccy, and a doggie cupcake. Ugh. That’s a terrible selection. I was a little worried about my credit card as I had no idea how much was charged, and there was no receipt, plus also no way to say I was finished with the transaction. But it turned out to be $4, no big deal.

I drove home with my precious. And I was determined to judge fairly, even if I had a little bit of a sad over the choice of cupcake ~ maybe it was a good thing to try a new flavor, right? Right!


The cake was very fresh. Peeps might think it wouldn’t be, coming out of a machine, but it was soft and nummy, and super-chocolatey. Even though choccy cake is not my fave, this cake was tasty plus. The frosting disappointed. I can deal with non-buttercream (I heart Sprinkles strawberry, forex, and it’s NB), but this was just… white. Had a nice texture, but its taste was sugarbland.

So there you go, the ATM cupcake review, done and dusted. I will eventually try Sprinkles ice cream, but not when the weather is so freezing.

My new year got off to a bit of a rocky start with many hours wasted on things that made me feel bad and not good, so I’m going to change that this weekend. It just takes paying attention to what I’m doing and remembering which things I want more of in my life, and which things less of (or eliminated). That sounds easy enough, right?

5 responses to “Sprinkles ATM Cupcake

  1. Wound up in Beverly Hills early in the morning on a Sunday! Do tell!


    • 1. Guy replied to my POF profile with a short, but very classy message. Invited me to dinner at a fancy shmancy place in LA Saturday night and then to some artsy fartsy thing. I ordinarily wouldn’t have replied cuz there was no pic, but the message was… intriguing, so I did. He then sent me several photos, via regular email. Whoa ~ he was a famous hot dude! I mean, not super-famous, but you’d know his name. Anyway, I accepted because now I’d have a reason to wear my sequin dress, yay! I drove up there and we had the most wonderful time, incredible chemistry, yada yada ~ of course I spent the night at his beautiful home in the hills. I had to leave early Sunday because he was flying out of the country on a business trip… hence my stop at the cupcake ATM.

      2. I drove Sharon to LAX at 6:30AM Sunday for her flight to Israel… took a detour north to the cupcake ATM before heading back home.

      Reader’s choice. 🙂


  2. w00t!!!

    Bummer about the cupcake being less than fabulous, tho.


  3. A cupcake ATM? Only in California.

    Chocolate cake should have cream cheese frosting.


  4. Ehr. Mehr. Gehrd. Kehrp Kehrks.


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