Frostings Review No. 2

Steven’s first review of Frostings’ cupcakes can be found here.

The following is a guest poast.

I thought I would give Frostings a second try.  The first time, I thought they were just slightly above average.  I tried them again this week, and this time, I liked them much better. Perhaps they were fresher this time.  Perhaps I was in more of a cupcake-eating mood.  I think it was a combination of the two.

First, the presentation.  Nice little box, just the right size for two cupcakes. Good start.


The cupcakes themselves were also very pleasing to the eyes, with the little candy flower “pastie” decoration on top lending a nice, subliminally sensual touch.


I shared these cupcakes with my daughter.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of them outside of the box.  I went to get a knife to cut them in half, but before I returned, she had already taken a bite out of the chocolate one.  So, I will include the stock photos from the Frostings web site, which are a decent depiction of what my cupcakes actually looked like. (Mine actually looked a little better than the stock photos.)



Now onto the taste of the cupcakes themselves.  I started with the red velvet cupcake.  First of all, the frosting was amazing.  Probably the best frosting I ever had.  It had the distinctive red velvet cream cheese taste, without being a bit sour.  It was light, but not too light.  It was also sweet, but not too sweet.  As for the cake, just the right amount of light and moist.  I really enjoyed this cupcake.

The second one was called “Chocolate Ganache”.  I had high expectations for this one, since a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and a vanilla cream center is my favorite type of cupcake, having grown up on Hostess chocolate cupcakes. It didn’t disappoint, although I have to admit that I probably devoured it a little too quickly to fully experience the finer points of the vanilla and chocolate flavors.  I did notice that the frosting was not as light as the red velvet frosting, which is what I would expect and want in a chocolate frosting.  It went down yummy.


Chocolate Ganache
Frosting: A+
Cake: A
Filling: A
Overall: A

Red Velvet
Frosting: A+
Cake: A+
Overall: A+

Frostings Cupcakes

23624 El Toro Road, Suite D
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Monday – Saturday 9AM – 9PM
Sunday 10AM – 8PM

Thanks for a great cupcakery review, Steven!


One response to “Frostings Review No. 2

  1. Those are really pretty cupcakes. I generally am suspicious of really pretty pastries – they’re usually just not that good. Like how wedding cake is always gross. (And people try to tell you it’s not gross anymore, but this is a lie. It’s LESS gross, but that is not the same thing.) So I’m glad to hear these were good.

    I’m eating a Duncan Hines cupcake with Duncan Hines frosting right now. Mmmm, trashy cake. Love.


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