Twelve Twelve Twelve

People are all excited about this triplet of a day, though I think 11/11/11 was better because all the numbers were the same. Be that as it may, I heart the number 12.  Follow that link to find out a whole bunch of cool things about 12.

Twelve is a sublime number, a number that has a perfect number of divisors, and the sum of its divisors is also a perfect number.

Twelve is the atomic number of magnesium.

There’s a bunch of religious yaddery to do with 12.

Has anyone seen the film The Twelve Chairs? Absolutely hilarious.

And of course there’s a baker’s dozen, which isn’t 12, but 13, which reminds me that my oven always burns cookies, making me sad/mad. To console myself, I bought some pink shoes off Amazon this morning.  That has nothing to do with 12 obviously.

Tomorrow is Thor’s Day the thirteenth. This means nothing, except only 8 more days until the end of the world, so use them wisely, wouldja? Kthx.


11 responses to “Twelve Twelve Twelve

  1. Don’t forget about the 12 days of Christmas.


  2. Mathematicifiers can do anything with numbers. Perfect numbers, sublime numbers, whole numbers, fucking integers. I think it’s like that close-up magic people do at restaurant tables. It looks really impressive, and hardly anyone can do it, but deep down you know it’s all trickery, even though you know you’ll never see through it in several lifetimes.

    Turning to science for a moment: the calendar is not a thing. It was all made up by us. It’s not a law of the universe. So it follows that all our dates are bullshit. 12/12/12 has no meaning other than the one we agree to give it. The cosmos doesn’t know shit from dates.


  3. Except that the moon goes through its phases roughly twelve times in a year, and so do human females. Its sublimity is a cosmic truth, too, as is all of mathematics, even when dependent on our base ten counting system (which the sublimity of twelve does not), because after all we have ten manus digiti, and so therefore does God Himself, who in our image was made.


  4. I have no opinions about 12 or any other number, come to that. But it makes me sort of cross that the world is ending the day before my birthday, and I will get gypped yet again (Christmas babies always do). Maybe I’d better celebrate today! And tomorrow, and. . . how many days is that again?


  5. I remember when I turned twelve, sitting in the wading pool in the hot sunshine, ruminating (moo!) on life as a 12 year old.


  6. Don? The average female has 13 periods a year, a 28 day cycle being average. Also, a prescription for 12 packs of birth control pills never lasts a year.


  7. AD - Planning For The Big 'Un

    You’ve reminded me that the world is going to end in seven days, and I ought to be doing something right damned impressive with the little time I have left. Can’t imagine what that might be, although I intend to take the day off Friday and sleep in, and also watch the 2-hour finale of “Survivor” this weekend

    I hope it doesn’t happen – the end of the world, not “Survivor” – as I’m clearly equipped to make the most out of living forever.


  8. (13 moons in a year.) I extended my fun yesterday by using a 24-hour clock. Made a note of 21:21:21 on 12/12/12. Whee!


  9. The thing I like about twelve is that it divides nicely. Thirteen periods in a year is why thirteen is an unlucky number, because your wife will be mean to you thirteen times a year, until she hits menopause,at which point she’ll be mean to you for a couple of years straight.

    All in all I’d rather be twelve. twas a simpler time.


  10. I just want to say that I don’t get this whole end of the world thing. If the stars are all aligning or whatever, why could that not just as easily be a lucky and wonderful thing?

    I’ve never had a big connection to twelve and I was sick all day Wednesday, so whatevs. I’m more concerned with next Wednesday which is when the baking extravaganza begins for me.


  11. Oh Throcky: relax! Your wife will not be meaner to you after menopause. She’ll laugh at you more but be less annoyed by you because her expectations will be lower. And isn’t that what you secretly want? Lower spousal expectations?

    Or not so secretly?

    Unless, of course, you are one of those men who, on retirement or other form of excuse for preferring seldom to leave the house, follows your wife about like a shadow sewn to her heels.

    In that case, I’d make sure there are no guns, knives, or fireplace implements about the house.


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