Preemptive Weenie

I don’t think I’m going to do NaNoWriMo anymore.

Last month I made it: I wrote 50,000 words of a novel. I did this in 2011 as well, but it took around 6 weeks and I “inadvertently” did it in September-October due to a request from an editor to novelize a short story. And several years ago I managed to hit the goal a few times as well. So, I’ve proven I can do this; it’s not a one-time fluke.

But it took a lot out of me. I totally messed up my sleeping schedule and now it’s a week later and I’m still exhausted and not in a good place. Sleeping erratically is  bad for migraine sufferers. I hardly went to the gym in November (maybe two or three times in the month instead of per week like I should) and feel bad about that. But I’ve been too tired this week to go after work. I also didn’t eat right because of trying to spend all my free time writing rather than bothering with much grocery shopping or meal prep. So it was basically carb city around here. I had cinnamon toast for dinner many nights.

I don’t think it’s worth it.

It’s not like I never write otherwise, though I have to admit I would never write this much. And it isn’t “all crap” as some people like to disparage the NaNo output. I have some good stuff to work with and will definitely turn what I have into another romance novel and submit it somewhere. I’ll need about a month to edit and add to what I wrote in November and it’ll be good to go.

Yet I’m not going to do it again. That’s how I feel today anyway.

I want to get all my current writing (romance and non) in top shape to market and then begin new work. But this will be at a normal pace, not a frenzy. I need to have a regular routine of sleep, exercise, and semi-decent meals. I can’t live like a freaking hippie.


7 responses to “Preemptive Weenie

  1. what’s wrong with living like a freaking hippie


    • Migraine peeps need to take care to get regular meals, sleep, and exercise — basically the more boring of a sustained routine, the better. Anything that messes with this is bad, whether physical or emotional.


  2. AD, NANO's Bitch

    (a) Never say never.

    (b) I haven’t got a “b,” mostly because at the moment I agree with you. Which I do every year when I say that I’m NOT DOING THIS GOOFY SHIT AGAIN. And every year I do. I dunno, maybe THAT’S “b.”


  3. Novels are marathons, not sprints. Yes?


  4. oh hey… jimmy page playing a telecaster!

    i know what you mean about NaNo’ing. it’s too fucking compressed. i wasn’t joking when i said i would never be right in the head again. i don’t think that’s from all the wanking and tool and weed, either. i think it’s because i had no choice but to eat, breathe, sleep and shit those characters for 30 days.

    on the plus side, my typing speed and accuracy? through the fucking roof. lol


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