Five Years

Retro 010







It was five years ago today, also a Wednesday, that we found out about my mother’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis. She called me in the car as I was driving home from work, to say that she and my father were coming over, to discuss the results of her biopsy, so of course I knew because she wouldn’t say right then.

She lived about 4 more months, until April 13, 2008.

The photo is from 1996, when I was in my “Lucy” tee-shirt painting biz (meaning the supplies cost more than any profits). Sharon was 3, Diane was almost 6, Mom was 65. I hadn’t gone on the Internet yet.


4 responses to “Five Years

  1. Life back then looks good to me too.

    Beautiful gang of ladies in that picture.


  2. Hard to imagine it’s been so long already. But then five years gets shorter and shorter as time goes on. Best wishes, and keep the memory alive. You’re only dead when the last person forgets.


  3. Thanks, guys.


  4. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long … it seems like just yesterday even to me, so I can only imagine how vivid that loss still is for you. I love that photo.


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