My Little Lion Man






Gatsby has no fear of me, no matter how loudly I RAWR at him not to mess with my potpourri. He’ll also casually chomp on my feets in the morning, not because he’s hongry (he has food left in his bowl), but because he’s bored. Why are you sleeping, he wonders. It’s 4:30! Time to play!

Lately I’ve been doing stretches on the floor for my back and for whatever reason Gatsby considers this an invitation to go all Lion Man. He crouches behind the bedroom chair and then leaps on me, biting and scratching. Good thing he’s little or I’d have serious damage.

Here’s a really interesting article on tabby genetics for you scientific types.

Some of you may have noticed serious housecleaning has taken place all of a sudden. I’m just in the mood to get back to basics for a while. 🙂


6 responses to “My Little Lion Man

  1. People with cats are so CUTE!

    Housecleaning? Notice nothing except I can’t see the private posts, which is fine, since I’m now a weirdo.


  2. I’m just in the mood to get back to basics for a while.

    I hope that’s code for “cupcakes.”

    Gatsby is the cutest!


    • Absolutely! Cats, cupcakes, writing, maybe a little weird news that strikes my fancy. Possibly a discussion starter here or there about human nature or relationships in general, but I had a fit of paranoia about Facebook last week when old wall posts I thought I’d dealt with began randomly appearing on the timeline (I’m now going through and deleting almost everything, PITA!) and then I decided I didn’t want so much personal stuff here either for anyone on the planet to find. But everything’s saved, no worries.


  3. I was wondering why you’ve been missing!


  4. Gatsby is so handsome!!!


  5. And he is symmetrical!!!


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