A Tale of Two Camrys

It was the best of timing chains, it was the worst of timing chains…

So I’ve been driving my father’s 1999 V6 white Camry pretty solidly for around a month ever since I returned from my crazy whirlwind Berkeley trip Memorial Day weekend. The white car’s mileage is so low that I figured I’d even things up a little between the two cars — unfortunately the V6 gets worse MPG than my V4. Speaking of… my blue 2005 V4 Camry has been sitting forlornly in the same spot ever since, desperately needing a trip to the carwash. This morning I drove it over there.

First thing I noticed is that the blue Camry is LOUDER. Upside, it has the music controls on the steering wheel, which is important. Also, I used to think that gas pedal surge business was kind of a bogus excuse for people who messed up and simply rear-ended others as we do, but um… my car was SURGING. Well, in comparison to the ’99. Whoa. I never noticed this before, just dealt with it as part of its charm. The blue Camry is also rougher on the road… basically louder and jumpier and bouncier altogether than the white one.

Dunno if any of this has to do with the V6/V4 or some change in the structure between 1999 and 2005 or some other thing.


At the carwash there are three lines, each with two vehicles ahead of me and the first one in each line is an SUV that is currently being vacuumed. Presumably there is no way to tell which line will be the best one.

(Do you see where I’m going with this?)

I choose a line at random. It’s the far left one, fyi.

Two other cars enter and get in the other lines. Immediately, there is something screwed up with the SUV in my line. A supervisor comes over, yada yada, etc.

Every time. Without fail.

Well, I wasn’t in a hurry… didn’t mind watching the other lines all move past me. In fact, I found it amusing because I knew I’d mention it here. Also, I had a kick-ass CD playing.


It is a far, far better thing that I do… and I’ve been able to get plenty of rest sans pharmaceuticals.


8 responses to “A Tale of Two Camrys

  1. Triple feature ! We also have a 2005 V4 Camry, and it’s pretty nice (a luscious burgundy). The only thing that bugs/ worries me is when you drive with the “O/D Off” (for slower in-town speeds) the tranny seems quite sensitive to the torque requirements of going up and down slight inclines and shifts back and forth unnecessarily. I feel that I have to use the “O/D Off” because otherwise it will bog down on hills in town in too high a gear. But we have a powertrain warranty on it through next January so if anything goes majorly fubar we’ll be okay.


  2. I have a Honda Civic (2011) that has a small inline 4 and an automatic transmission. It dries me nuts, shifting up and down all the time. If I’m driving on the Interstate, it will even downshift to 4th or 3rd if there is a steep enough uphill grade. I think the engine is too small and weak. However, it does get excellent gas mileage — about 35 on average, if I drive around 84 (my policy of driving 9 mph over the “suggested” limit) so no complaints, I guess.


  3. I have a Corolla so I’m, like, your annoying little sister.


  4. In fact, I found it amusing because I knew I’d mention it here.

    That’s really funny. I’ve done that.


  5. When I was buying cars, I looked at the size-down Toyota and Honda. The Honda, which I’d planned on liking, was unspeakably noisy. The Toyota was nice but the Nissan was the quietest. Rough ride, but oh well.

    My son’s driving Mom’s Corsica, bought the year he was born. It has 70,000 miles, half put on by George in the last 5 years. I think the engine will go on forever but the body, ah, the body, she will not last.

    Still, my car guy can fix it by patchery — $100 for what would cost $800 if you had to replace with new. You can’t do that so much with the newer cars. Good and bad, always good and bad.

    Cars. . .


  6. Me old dad’s 2000 Infiniti is all mine (mine!) now, and it surges perceptibly while in cruise control. Me old Fords never did that. Could make a sensitive person seasick. Speaking of which, does no one but me use cruise control? What’s with people going 70 one minute and 63 the next? Get otter the way, geez.

    A valuable ability, that, being able to relax and let some of the world go faster than you. Is it ironic that I say so? No.


  7. I use cruise when I’m on the highway to … wherever. But not on the f’way to and from work cuz there’s too much slow and speed-up there for cc to be any good.

    Wish me old dad had, like, a Lexus LFA roadster and his wife didn’t want it and I ended up with it. < sigh >


  8. been telling you bout your car for years… haha :p


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