Two Romance Reviews

Novels, not dates, sorry.

1. The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service by Beth Kendrick. This book surprised me by making me like it despite myself. First, it’s chock full of dogs. The main story is a romance between the heroine Lara and a bunch of mangy mutts, not Lara and her Dream Man (though he’s in there, kinda). The plot centers around Lara’s expanding career and her weird relationship with her parents. There’s a side story about a BFF who’s finding new mommyhood to be a nightmare, which is presented in an unbelievably stark and truthful way for a fluffy book. Also, there’s no sex… and you know I am all about teh porn here. But even so, I liked the book. OK, there is an allusion to Lara and Dream Man getting busy with a bowl of lemon frosting, maybe this helped. And there’s online Scrabble in here! Great dialog. Well-paced. Fun fast read. Recommended!

2. Midnight Sins by Lora Leigh. This book is absolutely hideous… except there are fantastic sex scenes. That’s why I bought it honestly, because I remembered that the last book I read by LL had great sex scenes and I need inspiration (not for a date, shut up, but for my own writing). I wish I had just kept the other book to reread and saved seven bucks, as this one was like a carbon copy. The plot is a big mishmash of murders and betrayals and stolen property that happened way back when… now there are three macho military guys that are outcasts but own hunks of land and have each other’s backs and uh… LL infodumps constantly, both in narrative and dialog, bleh. I kept skipping to the sex. The characters are horrible, everyone way overemoting over everything all the time, which I guess made the sex hotter and more dramatic, but really… ugh. Don’t bother with this one.

I have a big pile of books to read, so keep tuned for more in-depth reviewing. 🙂


One response to “Two Romance Reviews

  1. You say chock full of dogs like it’s a bad thing.


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