You lucky, lucky blog readers — you get two (TWO!) cupcakery review poasts in one week!! Take a moment to contemplate the awesomeness.

OK then. Apparently this Pinky’s has been open right here in Huntington Beach since December in the same plaza where I generally use the ATM every couple weeks, but I never noticed until the other day. Of course I had to run in and grab a couple treats first chance I got, which was today.

First, I tried the Aloha (half) — coconut/pinapple cake and frosting. Totally delicious! A perfect 10 cupcake!! The cake was moist and light and flavorful; the frosting was creamy and rich with a wonderful texture.  Why can’t all cupcakes be like this? What is so difficult?!?

Next, was the Charlie Brown — peanut butter cake and chocolate/PB swirl frosting with Snickers on top. OK, a little too-too, but still totally yummy. The cake was my fave on this one (I heart PB cake when it’s done right) — moist and light again, with tons of PB flavor. The frosting was faboo, though super-rich, and I was glad I only had half of this cupcake so as not to get the barfies. I did enjoy the candy bar bite, I must say. 🙂

Cupcakes at Pinky’s are two for $5.00, which is more reasonable than any of the other cupcakeries I’ve seen. I will definitely return to try other flavors.

(I’d include Diane’s reviews of the cupcakes, but she is somehow resisting them.)


2 responses to “Pinky’s

  1. I’ll let the relatives know.


  2. Aloha sounds interesting, although I’m concerned about the unnaturally perky color of that frosting. Would definitely try.

    Speaking of concern over ingesting unnatural colors, I’ve totally gotten into the red velvet lately. I am not sure whether to blame you or The South for this. It’s everywhere here though, you really can’t get away from it. Not just cupcakes and cakes, but red velvet brownies, red velvet whoopie pies, yadda yadda.


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