The Perfect Circle

I’d heard about this cupcakery in Orange called The Perfect Circle and wanted to check it out after one of my visits to my father, since it’s close by.

I looked it up on my Bravo while my dad gibbered on about wanting to find a job and how dare the f**king Republicans discriminate against him because he’s 82 (don’t ask me —  he reads the NYT religiously), and turns out my phone has an awesome talking GPS! So exciting. And it was especially cool because TPC was kinda complicated to get to, involving two freeways and a traffic circle, gah. Not sure if they stuck “circle” in the name because of the traffic circle or the circular nature of the cupcake itself. We must ponder…

So, I go in there and some uber-annoying man was ordering like 6 cupcakes, reminding me of my last cupcakery experience at Fashion Island where another annoying man couldn’t make up his mind about a cupcake. Why are men even allowed in these places? Do women go into gun shops, stand at the counter, and fuss over which bullets to buy? I don’t think so!

Anyway. I was disappointed in the meager selection, probably should have tried the lemon raspberry, but I went with a coconut and a chocolate caramel. Had the coconut last night.








I was very impressed with the light, fluffy, vanilla-infused cake. Delicious! It’s often the case that gourmet cupcakes have heavy, oily cake that feels like a lead ball in your stomach. TPC’s coconut cake was wonderful. I was very happy. The frosting was another matter entirely. First, there was only a thin schmear of the stuff, so only a little bit of coconut stuck to it — the rest just fell off in a messy pile of shreddings. Hate that. Second, I really like a decadent sinful mountain of frosting so I feel nauseated after I finish it. That’s how I know I’ve had a gourmet cupcake, dur. There wasn’t enough frosting available for me to evaluate, so I can’t tell you whether it was good. Stupid. The coconut was coconutty. Gatsby ate some. Weirdo!

This morning I had the chocolate caramel cupcake for breakfast. This cupcake was unbelievably bad. The cake was totally dry with caramel goo that ooshed out of the middle and dripped onto the wrapper. This goo did not help the cake retain moisture — almost the opposite. Maybe the goo sucked moisture from the cake, idk. Awful. Worst cupcake cake ever. OK, onto the frosting. It looked great and I was totally ready for some fantastic frosting after being deprived yesterday, etc. Well, twas not to be. This chocolate frosting was horrible. First, it had nuts on it, blech. Second, it was dry and cloying. Yes, it was chocolately, but that’s all it had going for it.

I’m nauseated. But not in a good way.


5 responses to “The Perfect Circle

  1. The kitty looked like she is going to attack the cupcake anytime! lol


  2. That is the perfect inquisitive kitty head tilt.


  3. GMTA – I eschewed accompanying the wife into Gigi’s the other day, and she was annoyed. “Just pick one out for me.” Is that such a chore? I’d buy her bullets if she wanted.


  4. Rats. Thought you were on about these guys. Well, not really.


  5. I love nuts in frosting. Thumbs down for dry cake, though.


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