Blast from the Past

Remember when I went to the RWA Convention in San Diego in March 2006?


(I ate a brownie there. I blogged about that.)

Yeah okay. Whatever. It wasn’t too memorable, granted. I did not meet a publisher who offered me a contract that night, maybe because they were all female. Har de har. In any case, when Sharon and I were packing the car the other week, she found a kitty notebook under the seat with my scribbles in it. Apparently I attended meetings that Saturday in 2006 and wrote stuff down. Stuff I was supposed to incorporate into my future writing.


1. The best conflicts are emotional/internal not intellectual, coming from who we are as human beings.

2. Characters can’t be idiots.

3. Don’t begin at the beginning.

4. Vary the levels of satisfaction. (?)

5. Chapter beginnings should rehook the reader.

6. End scenes on drama moments.

7. Don’t write “The End.”

8. Don’t rush the ending.

9. No boring epilogs.

10. Watch manufactured bickering vs. real moments of tension (there goes my raison d’ etre everywhere).

Wow, if I had the $300 I wasted on that plus the $200 I wasted on eHarmony, I’d have like (wait, don’t tell me)… a bunch of money to spend on shoes right now. 🙂


7 responses to “Blast from the Past

  1. I don’t get it. That’s damn good advice.

    I think I’ll go follow it!



  2. Right Wing Alvinators?
    Race Walking Assassinators?
    Residential Wing Architects?
    Reaction Wheel Assembly?
    Ready Willing and Able?


  3. I think it would be really funny to write, “The end.”


  4. Chris.tine: I suppose, but I haven’t looked at it for 6 years and have had some success anyway. Granted, I could have had much more success…

    Dick: Romance Writers of America. I used to be a member, but quit after the conference. I thought it was a waste of time/money and felt that way about the monthly Orange County meetings as well.

    SB: agreed!


  5. Expensive for you, but free for me ! Mwahahahahaa!


  6. I LOVE boring epilogues.


  7. I think I was following you in 2006–don’t recall the RWA event.


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