Scientific Method
by Adam Clay

Twenty-three percent when placed under
intense pressure did in fact kick
the door in. Soldiers creep on the other side
of the turn. Every little thing
is destined for ease. Music, be still.
Keep the mannequin secrets
to yourself. Remember a ladder
can take you both up and down.
The weather grows less stable
than us. This line here is where
the season starts. Spring seems
fluorescently golden. Too much
milk in the fridge. When left alone
long enough, the prisoners
began to interrogate themselves.

2 responses to “Psych

  1. I like it, but I’ll be damned if I know what it means. I like the last line.


  2. At first it made me think of the famous experiment where ppl thought they were giving electric shocks to others. You know the one. But then I thought it was just about the unreliability of data. And then I thought it was about the small circles we end up trapped in. Cool, isn’t it?


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