Casey’s Strawberry Bomb

Most of you are too young to know this song: “Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde and the band played on…“, but I do cuz it was on my paint-by-number-organ. Do not tell me you don’t know what that is because I will smack you. I also played the Blue Danube and La Cucaracha on this thing. I was very international!

This poast is actually about cupcakes, one to be exact. Remember my gift cert? (How could you forget my GC so soon?!) Well, I went to Fashion Island Tuesday night to finish it up, thinking I’d get some shoes. Hah. No luck. But serendipity struck and I found a Casey’s Cupcakes! So exciting — the store was all pink and sported awesomely cool accessories, like bath thingies, tee shirts, pens, and… stuff. The cupcakes themselves were extremely prettiful, though on the short and squat side. The flavors were rather standard and not super-tempting (these days I go for something a little bit different), so I chose strawberry.

Soooo disappointing! The cake actually had a great texture, which is the best thing I can say about the entire experience. It was light and springy, never oily or heavy (a frequent problem with gourmet cupcakes). But it had no flavor, zip. I  don’t know if it was supposed to be vanilla, or what. It was just… air-flavored. The frosting was awful. It had a sticky thick texture, reminiscent of Crisco, I kid you not, and only the slightest hint of strawberriness. I’ve had strawberry from Sprinkles, which was bursting with flavor, so I know it can be done right. Even grocery store cupcakes are tastier than this. It’s like all the effort was put into the packaging, sad.

Honestly the chocolate candy deco-disk was the most flavorful part of the whole thing. It’s too bad that this gorgeous cupcake was so tasteless, but we move on. That’s all we can do.

Reviewing cupcakes is a tough job, but you know.


10 responses to “Casey’s Strawberry Bomb

  1. I find the prettiest baked goods are almost always the most disappointing. There’s a metaphor in that somewhere, but I actually mean it at face value. The better decorated it is, the grosser it will be.


  2. Fashion Island disturbs me.


  3. BUMMER! I agree with TC, though, and find that often the nice looking ones don’t taste so great. (hmmm, that’s what she said!)


  4. Ah yes, ain’t it the truth. the pretty ones are always disappointing.

    I like Fashion Island because it’s so artificial. It’s like authentic in it’s artificiality.


  5. Oh, it appears that Fashion Island has the same anchor stores as The Natick Collection, but NC has Sears and Lord & Taylor, too, which were already there before the snoot factor was added with a new, upscale addition. There are artificial trees, expensive boutique-style shops with made in China merchandise, so, pretty much the same shit that’s in the rest of the mall, marked up 50% more.


  6. I used to have a soft spot for Fashion Island from taking the girls there when they were little… they liked the fountains and we’d have lunch or an ice cream, see a movie. It was nice having an outside mall with cute doggies around. Plus back then there was Cotton Rainbow and we’d get matching dresses with crystals. But now there’s really not much appealing about that mall, plus the parking lot is completely upfucked. Also, TMW took me to an Italian restaurant there, which was ungodly $$$ with crappy food, and then he bitched about it forever afterwards.


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