April 29th [100]

[Originaly poasted last year somewhere else.]

Last day in my 40’s. Ate red velvet cake for breakfast and read The Black Swan. It’s taking me a while to get through this book, but it’s worth it. Really thinky parts, good for writing and life in general. Expect the unexpected. I don’t like change or surprises and am always trying to anticipate bad things, but what usually happens is a different bad thing occurs from the ones I imagine. Almost all of the time I’ve spent worrying has been an enormous waste … I should have worried about other things. So either worry better, or not at all.

8 responses to “April 29th [100]

  1. I loved turning and being 50. I hope you do, too! Have a really happy birthday, Paula!

    And yes, we all spend way too much time worrying. I’m trying to get into mindfulness and that sort of thing. When I’m focused, my brain can’t worry.


  2. Thanks, Keera! I’m actually turning 51 Monday — that 100 was written last year. I find it interesting to return to some of that “diary” stuff and discover how truly miserable I was with TMWBMH, day in day out. Not that I miss him or regret dumping him, but I just need to know that being alone is NOT the worst thing in the world when I’m lonely.


  3. Happy birthday!


  4. Happy new decade, Paula! Agree with you completely about worrying. There’s a difference between reasonable planning, reasonable risk avoidance, and worrying. Worrying does no good.


  5. Oh, I just saw that this was from last year — sorry about that! But I still hope your 50s are fabulous anyway!


  6. Happy birthday, lady.


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